Walk around the cuisine of the network. Vegetables and vegetables for all tastes

We arrived on a new Tuesday after passing the equator of February, so I invite you to join our traditional Walk around the cuisine of the network. This week we have a selection of varied recipes focused on one of the basic pillars of every good kitchen, the vegetables and vegetables. This walk through the blogosphere shows us that you can prepare very different and appetizing dishes with them.

Although I like sweet as the one I love most, I admit that after so many sweet Valentine's recipes the body asks me for healthier dishes, especially in which vegetables have a leading role. And I love vegetables too, that's why I love discovering new recipes to prepare them in original and different ways.

We started with some good spoon dishes, which we still have many cold days ahead of us. To start Teresa of Teresa's Desserts It surprises us with the color of its fantastic purple carrot cream, very original. In I want to be super famous, Alba has prepared a comforting leek and potato cream with a skewer of fried vegetables, while Mar and Myriam de Homemade Snacks They tempt us with the traditional gratin onion soup.

We now take a turn to look at very different proposals, since salads are another great way to enjoy vegetables even in winter. Just look at the delicious beet salad with pomegranate sauce that Ana Melm has prepared Crumbs on the table, very seasonal. Also with winter air we have the options of Miss Cookingdom, with a salad of boletus, Lombard and almonds, and of cocinalejandra, with your recipe of endive salad, mandarin and pomegranate, nutritious and flavors.

Although it may seem otherwise, these weeks before spring give us seasonal products that should not be missed, because they are authentic gastronomic jewels. Jose Manuel de Asopaipas it is clear with his irresistible recipe for artichokes a la montillana, just like Salvador Herranz de Gastrocinemia, which with its mint beans with ham reminds us that they are already in season. For its part, laube de Sano y de Rechupete He knows how to take advantage of the mushrooms he gathers in his land like nobody else, as he demonstrates with his rich potatoes with eggs and baked mushrooms.

We have to finish some varied recipes that show that eating vegetables is neither boring nor bland, starting for example with the appetizing toasted cauliflower cake of Very delicious. Sesame seeds Zucchini Flower He always defends seasonal products, and suggests preparing an original beet tzatsiki to accompany his vegetarian burgers. In Camilni's kitchen their authors propose to give an oriental touch to their suggestive romanescu with curry bechamel, and Fabrisa de Fabrisa's Kitchen He tempts us with a fantastic recipe for stewed cabbage with sausage and vegetables, and he recommends trying to cook corncobs like this if we have never done so.

I hope you liked this selection of recipes and that you have taken inspiration for your homemade dishes these days. If you are passionate about vegetables as much as I am, surely you will have opened your appetite with more than one of them. I wait for you in a week in the next installment of our Walk around the cuisine of the network, to discover new and appetizing recipes.

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