Neurokiff The helmet that measures the pleasure provided by food and drink

Can you imagine at the table with three more guests, all four with a helmet on and some screens where your emotions are reflected before each dish or glass of wine? Well, this would have seemed like science fiction a few years ago is already a reality developed by the Innovation Unreality cell of the University of Nantes and that will soon be available to anyone who wants to experience in the kitchen or offer their customers a unique experience.

The Neurokiff, which is what the invention is called, interprets brain frequencies when we drink a wine or eat a dish and classify them into four parameters: excitement, meditation, boredom and frustration.

As explained on the website, emotions are represented visually by means of a graphic interface on the tablets and are also disseminated auditively through a sound harmony that intensifies as the experience progresses. When the four guests are at the same time at maximum intensity, the sound harmony reaches its culmination.

It is not difficult to imagine how useful the Neurokiff can be for the agri-food sector, chefs or winemakers They can know scientifically the emotions that their products cause in their clients and they will be able to improve them and adapt them to the tastes of the public. On the other hand and at a more playful level, it must be fun to share a similar experience with a group of friends while sharing a good meal.