The best of Direct to the Palate Answers XVI

On the last day of the year, we will also review our Answers section, as we do every fifteen days in these posts with The best of Direct to the Palate Answers that reaches its sixteenth edition. You already know that we like this part of the blog very much, where you can raise your doubts or questions about any topic related to cooking, recipes and gastronomy in general.

As we always remember you, You can participate in our community in two ways: raising your doubts and also helping to solve those of other readers or those raised by the editors of Direct to the Palate. In this way we all benefit from the knowledge of others and thus we all learn more from our passion, cooking and gastronomy in general. And now, let's see The best of Direct to the Palate Answers.

  • Almudenagabi He asked if we knew of any alternative to foie gras, for ethical reasons and with some urgency because he wanted to include it (or his alternative) in New Year's Eve dinner, and we have already given him some ideas to prepare vegetable pate. Franchessca he left this answer "There is a great option in my opinion: foie de la pateria de sousa. It is a foie gras of Iberian goose. They have won several awards for the way this company has used to achieve an ecological foie, without causing the animal's liver to grow and become sick by priming them in such a quick and bloody way. These animals are bred freely and fed naturally, without priming them."
  • In our last Question of the Week, Liliana I wanted to know what has been your gastronomic discovery of the year and among other interesting answers, I want to highlight that of Omarques what does it say "For me this year, two ingredients triumphed, the black garlic that I discovered in magazines and thanks to foodieamateur, I knew where to buy it in Barcelona at a decent price, about € 4.20 per head. I used chopped several types of salads and I loved both its soft texture and its licorice flavor. The second ingredient was Kale or kale that is very popular in the United States and England, a super nutritious ingredient that you enjoy without cooking in salad, it is super rich."Continue to leave your answers to this question.
  • Tres de Oros He asks us what accompaniment we propose to accompany a pickled salmon. Who is encouraged to leave a good suggestion to your question?
  • In these parties we get together to eat and sometimes you have to use the very loaded oven. Mcakitc He asks us if he can roast suckling pig and lamb at the same time and how he has to proceed to do so. Surely more than one comes up with an idea to help you.
  • As for tastes, the Lombarda cabbage is one of the most controversial crucifers because you either love it or hate it. We already have some opinions, but we would like to see yours.
  • TO Cinfarome worried that the turkey would dry out and he asked us if it was true that it improves by roasting it if he was previously injected with white wine. You already have a couple of answers, but if you have any tricks or advice, you will surely love to meet him. Leave your ideas on this link.

I remind you that we have your questions and your contributions to those of other readers also in 2015, thus giving greater use to the section of Direct to the Palate Answers. In 15 days we will give a new review to your participations. Until in two weeks and very Happy New Year to all.

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