What dietary changes do you make in summer? the question of the week

Summer has started strongly and the temperatures that accompany us these days are very high. Many of us adapt our eating habits. Personally, the heat takes away my hungerI drink a lot of water, like a lot of fish and other light foods. I sense that I am not the only one, therefore the question of the week is:

What dietary changes do you make in summer?

As my diet is completely transformed and becomes healthier, I usually lose kilos. Eat light and in small quantities It doesn't involve any effort, so I take the opportunity to keep my weight under control. Does it happen to you the same or, on the contrary, does the body ask you for fresh beers, ice cream, etc., tutiplén? Tell us your experiences leaving your comments Live on the Palate Answers, and next week we will publish the one that has been most valued.

Last week's question: Have you ever cooked with children?

Last Friday, our partner María José asked you if you have ever cooked with children. Although participation has been low, it is noted that cooking with children is something that many of you like yours. The most valued response has been that of aradlith, which told us:

As a child, I remember that my mother allowed me to make roscones with her: she gave me a little dough, something that was easy for me to handle, and I made my "donut", which went with all the right in the world to the oven of the town along with the rest of roscones. At the moment I do something similar with my nephew: every time he comes to eat I make something to knead, type pizza, and give him a small piece so that he does his part. Not only that, but it usually helps me mix the ingredients, and I even let you use the mixer a little. I like cooking with children, and I consider it good for their learning, attention and discipline.

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