Raspberry and cream cheese semifrio: recipe without oven

I wish that through the photo you could capture the softness of this raspberry and cream cheese semi-cold. With a surprisingly light and light texture, it melts in the mouth, but nevertheless it is an intense flavor preparation, just as the raspberry actually is.

Achieving that ethereal texture is not too complicated, just you must take into account not to over-ride the cream when mixing it with the rest of the ingredients, the rest will be made by the jelly and the freezing period. Only then will you achieve a mousse with a perfect texture.


For 4 people
  • Cream cheese (for cheese mousse) 200 g
  • Milk (for cheese mousse) 50 g
  • Jelly in sheets (for cheese mousse) 5 g
  • Liquid whipping cream (for cheese mousse) 20 g
  • Liquid cream 35% MG for semi-shake (for cheese mousse) 180 g
  • Raspberries (for raspberry mousse) 250 g
  • Jelly in sheets (for raspberry mousse) 6 g
  • Sugar (for raspberry mousse) 20 g
  • Cream cheese (for raspberry mousse) 50 g
  • Liquid whipping cream (for raspberry mousse) 200 g

How to make raspberries and cream cheese semifrio

Difficulty: Medium
  • Total time 36 m
  • Processing 30 m
  • 6 m cooking
  • 4 hour rest

To do the first part, which is the cream cheese mousse, we will cover with transparent kitchen film, four metal plating rings. If we have acetate strips, we will place it around the entire inner perimeter of the hoop to help us when it comes to unmolding.

To make the cream cheese mousse, we put soak the jelly leaves in cold water for a minimum of fifteen minutes. Then we mix the cream cheese in a bowl, add the milk and combine everything well with some rods. We reserve

Heat the 20 grams of cream in the microwave and add the gelatin well drained. Mix this with the cheese and milk shake. In another bowl lightly mount the cream and mix it gently to the previous mixture. We pour with a jar in the hoops that we have prepared, freeze until it hardens a little.

To make the raspberry mousse, we start hydrating the gelatin leaves in very cold water for 15 minutes. While we wash the raspberries and crush them in the glass of a blender with the sugar.

From this raspberry puree we remove half of a glass that we will heat in the fire or in the microwave. In that part of hot puree we dissolve the very drained jelly leaves, and we added that mixture to the rest of the mash that was at room temperature, integrating everything well. We finally add the cream cheese stirring with some rods.

In another bowl we semi-cream the cream very cold with some rods, we have to beat it until it is dense and foamy, but not as mounted as when we are going to decorate something with her. Mix it gently with the puree and cheese, stirring with a silicone spatula.

We spread the raspberry mousse on top of the frozen cheese mousse that we had prepared before. We freeze a minimum of four hours again. Once frozen, unmold and leave for two or three hours in the fridge to defrost before serving.

With what to accompany the raspberry and cream cheese semi-cold

Little need this raspberry and cream cheese semi-cold To be enjoyed. If anything, raspberries that give it the touch of fresh fruit and give it a more intense color. This semi-cold is preserved since it is thawed for 24 hours in the refrigerator, tightly closed in a container where it does not absorb odors from the rest of the food in the refrigerator.

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