A Robuchon-style roast chicken and a deer cake on the weekly menu from January 18 to 24

January begins to be consumed, and little by little we are recovering our always pleasant routine, with its days passing like water in a river, but with those recipes of our weekly menu that make each day different, also like the water of a river, which is never the same.

So, for example, we can start the meal with an amazing snack like this sesame tuna with homemade Ponzu sauce, while if we are looking for something to snack on, nothing like this Mediterranean salad in a glass or some chicken casseroles with sesame and pomegranate in pita bread.

Of course, to really eat, especially now that the cold is squeezing, you need most forceful recipes. That's when this Robuchon-style roast chicken recipe comes into action, although the truth is that nothing is left behind this Murcian recipe for Cierva pie.

If what we have in mind is something more exoticThen maybe it would be nice to try a delicious chicken in mango curry sauce that will make our taste buds wake up from the lethargy they entered after Christmas.

Of course, we might also want eat light and use more vegetables in our diet, so we can prepare for example a white pickled asparagus or a gratin of leeks with ham and cheese, although without a doubt the star is these asparagus stuffed with prawns and hard boiled eggs.

Before moving on to desserts, which will put the brooch on the weekly menu, I have two squid recipe: on the one hand, a recipe for squid in American sauce; on the other, a recipe for traditional squid in its ink.

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