Ready for Holy Week? Do not forget the French toast and cod that brings the weekly menu from March 14 to 20

The best way to know that Holy Week is just around the corner is not to look at the calendar, but to enter any social network and discover the piles of French toast of all kinds and the thousand ways to prepare cod that are shared. We obviously weren't going to be less, and this weekly menu It comes loaded with recipes from both.

To make you wait a bit, we will start by the appetizer, which does not detract at all, thanks to this wonderful flatbread of potato, gruyère and sour cream, an easy and quick recipe to chop something before eating.

How first course, we also have interesting options. On the one hand, a comforting zucchini cream with caramelized onion and sour apple, ideal for dinner; on the other, some original and healthy yellow lentils with sepia and vegetables.

We now turn to the meats (Calm down, we go with the cod and the rest of the fish), where a simple but very appetizing chicken breast in a creamy roquefort sauce, a spectacular meat in a sauce with varied mushrooms (perfect for dipping bread) and a magnificent recipe await us of use: roasted chicken enchiladas in tomato sauce.

We finally arrive at the fishes, which this week starred in two rich cod recipes. First, an exotic red cod and pumpkin curry, perfect if we are looking to surprise this Holy Week. Secondly, a delicate cod loin with fennel cream and black garlic juanolas.

Finally, and before entering the desserts, I would not want to mention this spectacular recipe for steamed salmon with old-fashioned mustard sauce and cider, which, although it is not cod, is well worth trying.

As for sweets, this is our selection of the week, where, of course, the french toast are the stars:

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