Walk through the gastronomy of the Network: Nine irresistible chocolate recipes to celebrate # Chocolate Day

Today Tuesday as usual is the day of our Walk around the cuisine of the network, but it happens that it is also the International Chocolate Day, as you will understand our selection of recipes that have been published these days in the blogosphere will be dedicated to this ingredient that we like so much.

Recipes with chocolate for all tastes, from the morning with delicious cookies for breakfast, until the evening with impressive cakes for dessert. We begin our tour through the best chocolate recipes that our fellow bloggers have cooked and that today we want to show you in this walk through the Gastronomy of the Network.

Chocolate cookies

A pleasure to start the morning with a good chocolate cookie. To open your mouth we start with some very original cookies, the cracked chocolate cookies that have been prepared in the blog "To cook", delicious flavor, perfect to eat at home or also to make a gift.

If you want to give the chocolate a plus of flavor, then you have to combine it with nuts, just as Luisa has done “Cooking with my Carmela” in its beautiful chocolate and nut cookies, which, in addition to beautiful ones, I feel like they must be delicious.

Simply with cocoa you can also get some delicious cookies, and if not to show these integral cocoa cookies from the blog "Cinnamon in Rama", which in addition to being made with whole wheat flour apart from flavor provide fiber.

But for cookie-cookie, this chocolate and dulce de leche pizookie, a family-sized cookie that they have cooked on the blog “Anna's patisserie”, a chocolate delight filled with dulce de leche. Awesome.

Chocolate snacks

There is nothing richer than having a snack with chocolate on hand to steal it between meals. As an example these easy chocolate truffles that have made in the blog “Fran is in the kitchen”, a simple recipe, to fall into temptation daily and not wait only when there are visits.

I've also discovered the chocolate thalers of the blog “Flavors of Vienna”, some cupcakes of German origin that receive that name because they resemble small Germanic silver coins.

Also delicious are these chocolate snacks without flour and without sugar, which are made in a moment to the micro in five minutes as explained in the blog “Diabetic sweets”, and that serve to alleviate those chocolate cravings that we all have and above without regrets for the fattening.

And if yours are chocolate desserts, but without an oven, you will find these chocolate messes and raspberries from the blog perfect “I like to be well”. A delicious dessert to be prepared in just 10 minutes.

And if you want a classic, then don't miss the wonderful recipe that Ana de brings us “Mom's recipes”, an irresistible temptation is enclosed in this dense and moist brownie, a traditional chocolate preparation from which we will never tire.

Chocolate cakes

This week true chocolate goddess cakes have been prepared by the blogosphere. And there is nothing more impressive and dear than a good flourish for a meal if this is a chocolate cake.

I don't know where to start sincerely, and they are all so appetizing. But well, I'll start this section with something soft and fluffy, like this chocolate chiffon cake with Nocilla from the blog "Apple and cinnamon". A temptation in which I hope to fall.

As it is also irresistible this iced cake with two chocolates. With a very soft and creamy texture and without the need for a refrigerator, from the blog "Madness Desserts" They have already convinced me to prepare it.

We finished with a jewel of chocolate, a caprese cake with which my dear Juana de “Babel's kitchen” tempts us hopelessly. A Neapolitan cake that should not be lost sight of and that I will try as soon as I get the ingredients.

How do you see a Walk around the cuisine of the network Today's most appetizing and chocolate. Now all you have to do is choose a recipe and you go into the kitchen to prepare it and enjoy this @ Chocolate Day.