More than 13 years buying minced beef that is not such: they are giving us a cat for a hare

There was not enough with the uncovered truths about the use of palm oil, the abuse of refined sugar, the questionable quality of the panga, the manipulated demonization of saturated fats and other unethical practices of the food industry. Now we run into what we carry more than 13 years buying minced beef that is not such, at least in its entirety.

The frozen products company Eurofrits S.A. carries years giving cat for hare, that is, producing hamburgers, meatballs and other deep-frozen products and labeling them as beef when it is not such, at least in its entirety. The reality is very different, as the Civil Guard has discovered, because only 25% of the meat contained in these products is beef, the rest are very low quality meats and other products.

Although we have heard about this food fraud since December 2015, It may have been going on since 2002 as one of his workers discovered who, after transferring it to the company, suffered "a series of pressures" that led to his dismissal. The former worker has hundreds of documents that include parts of manufacturing and costs that show the raw material used for the preparation of each of the products of the company Eurofrits S.A. as well as the percentage of it that they finally contain, lower than what the labeling showed.

A total of 19 products would be affected by fraud, both under Eurofrits and white label labeling supplied to large areas. It seems that of all of them, the highest fraud would have occurred in products made with beef with a variation of between 50% and 75% (approximately) between the actual amount of beef and that indicated on the label .

It is noteworthy that this alleged fraud has not been detected by the controls that the Board of Castile and Leon routinely carries out but by the denunciation of a former worker of the company. The Administration focuses its controls on guarantee food security and public health which, at least, ensures that our health is not in danger, in case we have consumed any of them.

After the complaint filed by the former worker to the Board, the “Catering operation” was launched with the Civil Guard as responsible for it. Responsible for visiting, for more than a year, a large sample of establishments throughout the country, to make relevant checks and investigations and to provide samples to the laboratories of the Central State Administration for further analysis

The results of the analyzes have revealed the reality of manufacturing: lack of agreement between the composition of the products marketed and their labeling. A practice that has provided significant economic benefits to Eurofrits S.A. which, on the other hand, denies having achieved blaming the situation on a labeling defect.

Currently, the administrative file is paralyzed pending the resolution of the criminal proceedings. He is in charge of the Court of Instruction 1 of Burgos that could end up sanctioning Eurofrits S.A with a fine of between 100,000 and 900,000 euros for alleged fraud, not because of a public health problem.

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