Thirteen Michelin stars led by women in the fourth edition of Córdoba Califato Gourmet

As I announced when I told you about the consolidation of this gastronomic event, recently I had the opportunity to attend the fourth edition of Córdoba Gourmet Caliphate in which thirteen Michelin stars led by women gathered. Having witnessed the birth of this event four years ago and having attended its most recent edition, I have a good global vision and I can tell you about the evolution of this gastronomic event.

The idea when Córdoba Gourmet Caliphate was created it was to bring haute cuisine to the city of Córdoba and to facilitate all the Cordoba's access to the creations of different chefs with high recognition, (with Michelin star and / or Repsol suns), beyond the two local chefs with a star that today They are Paco Morales from Noor and Kisco García from El Choco.

After the four editions, there have been numerous changes always maintaining the initial objective, and in this year, one of the most innovative aspects has been the presence and importance of women, since three great cooks as María Marte, Celia Jiménez and Macarena de Castro, they have captained the three "teams" that have served the three great thematic dinners of this edition.

What is Córdoba Gourmet Caliphate?

Basically, the fourth edition of the event consists of three parts:

  1. Tapas Contest, Caliphate in the Street
  2. Big dinner -Divided into three rooms suitable for the three cultures- Mosque Dinner, Roman Bridge Dinner and Alcazar de los Reyes Cristianos Dinner
  3. The tapas showcooking in the Circle of Friendship

Caliphate in the Street

Apart from the fact that in order to attend dinners or the tapas show you have to sign up and hire it in advance, Cordoba Gourmet Caliphate has managed to bring gastronomy to all citizens of Córdoba, through this Califato in the Street in which establishments that want to participate they present their gastronomic tapas in tents that are mounted in the Plaza de las Tendillas, with free access to the public.

The 30 participating establishments, they make their tapas and sell them to the public at the price of 2 euros. Both the public and the chefs of Califato Gourmet value and choose their favorite tapas and awards are given to the three favorite tapas for the public and to the three chosen by the professionals.

The best thing is that since the introduction of Córdoba Califato Gourmet, the level of tapas submitted to the contest has risen a lot, according to those who approached to try the elaborations of the establishments and local bars. In addition to the prize, the winning establishments will be in charge - together with the chefs - of the third part of the event, the Showcooking of tapas in the next edition.

Gourmet Caliphate dinners

This year, the place where dinners are held has been moved, which has been The castle of Albaida, an enclosure with good views of Cordoba in whose halls the three dinners took place on the night of October 16. Attendees could buy their dinner ticket of their choice and thus have the opportunity to Try the cuisine of other chefs from different areas of Spain who were approaching Córdoba for the occasion.

The special thing was that there was a explicit recognition to female chefs, making in each of the rooms was one of them with his companions and the experience, in addition to that we think it is very fair, it was great since the three cooks were very successful and predicament.

Each menu consisted of 6 dishes (2 starters, 3 main and 1 dessert) and, in the opinion of the attendees, were up to expectations, so they were highly praised. I had the opportunity to try all the dishes and I tell you my opinion of the most prominent.

In the IV edition of Córdoba Califato Gourmet the chefs intervene Javier Aranda, from La Cabra and Gaytán restaurants, Francis Paniegoby Echaurren and Marqués de Riscal, Alberto Ferrúz, from the Bon Amb restaurant, Mars mars, from the Allard Club, Albert Raurich, from the Dos Pasillos restaurant, Macarena de Castro, from El Jardín restaurant, Kisko García, from the Choco restaurant, Paco Morales, from Noor Restaurant, Celia Jimenez, from the C.J restaurant and the Spanish Bakery Champion Jose Roldan, whose breads were in the three dinners, including an edible rose that was on the table as a welcome.

Mosque dinner

Celia Jimenez, the first woman who got Michelin star, accompanied by Francis Paniego and Javier Aranda they were in charge of this menu, in which the most valued dish was that of Francis Paniego with its cod tripe on vanilla cream and spicy touch and the fish with cream of garlic knives Javier Aranda and dessert Chocolate sand and ras el Hanout de Celia Jimenez.

Roman Bridge Dinner

In this room, the chef Macarena de Castro with Albert Raurich and Paco MoralesThey organized their menu full of original proposals. Notable amiyaki ceps with honey and pine oil from Raurich and the loin of fallow de Paco Morales next to the fall witch with rabbit Macarena de Castro.

Christian Kings dinner

María Marte shared a room with Kisco García and Alberto Ferruz. It was the most original and daring menu in which Alberto Ferruz's sea ox and oxalis pumpkin marinade (very good) and the Kisco García citrus gazpachuelo (that delicious vinegar) were the most successful and innovative dishes, along with the black roast of Mary Mars

Tapas Showcooking

This is the most appetizing and accessible part for the public, which can attend and give a gastronomic tribute testing the tapas of the 9 chefs and the six winners of the tapas contest of the previous year. This event is held at the facilities of the Circle of Friendship and allows attendees to try the tapas of such great chefs, talk with them or take pictures and share a very pleasant time. The famous croquettes of Francis Paniego, the plankton arepa with Maria Marte's pico de gallo foam or the Santa Pau beans of Albert Raurich, among others were the most appreciated.

Event Rating

To say that this gastro event is consolidated is obvious. For local chefs, it is a great opportunity to show your talent and share it with fellow professionals who come every year bringing haute cuisine to the population of Córdoba, raising the level of local cuisine, rich in quality products such as olive oil, Iberian ham from D.O de Los Pedroches or the historical roots of Cordoba cuisine.

Pending challenges, they can be the extension to cooks international, Introduction of presentations, workshops or presentations of experts and the greater presence of women in the team of chefs who come to Córdoba every year to show themselves and share experience.

Undoubtedly, it shows the effort and work of the organizers to make this Gourmet Cordoba Caliphate every year a better event than the previous year and we are already looking forward to the fall of 2018 to attend the next edition again.