11 tips to organize a Christmas without hurry

Look that we know from previous years, see that we try to organize with time and although there is still more than a month left for Christmas celebrations, suddenly time is running and we have the feeling that the bull catches us. That's why this year, I want to give you 11 tips to organize a Christmas without hurry, so that you know how to organize yourself to have everything prepared in advance and to be able to enjoy family and meals relaxingly without having to be here and there without stopping for a moment.

We will see what menu to choose, when we should make the purchase, when to cook each dish, what can be had ready in advance or even cooked and frozen and many other tips for Although we have to organize some of the events, do not give us an anxiety attack Because of the tension of the moment.

11 tips to organize a Christmas without hurry

Some of the important issues, we saw them last year in the abstract, when we published how to organize Christmas Eve dinner and not die trying, but today I want to give you more concrete and practical advice so you can spend a quiet Christmas enjoying yours without stress.

1. Plan the menu with time

Depending on whether you organize Christmas Eve dinner, Christmas lunch or the following family gatherings, Think of a menu you can make and leave deciding which snacks you are going to serve, which dish will be the main or main and which ones do you want to "train" so as not to improvise the day of the family reunion.

We all like to dazzle the family but the day of Christmas Eve dinner is not the day to do an experiment that could fail. My recommendation is that you make a menu with which you feel comfortable and if you are going to include a novel dish, try cooking it a few weeks before to see where you fail or where you have to improve.

2. Write the menu and develop the ingredient list

If you are pointing the ingredients you need for each dish in a list, you can make the purchase at once and you will not forget that they will only put you in a state of anxiety and waste your time. You can also see which products you have to order from your butcher / fishmonger / pollero and which ones you can buy now. (We will see this later)

Show the menu to your family and see if they prefer to change something. It is better to find out now about their tastes and preferences than to see bad faces on the appointed days. Also note that if you go with Christmas snacks, then they will not reach the main dishes.

3. The dishes that should not be missing

This is something that It depends on the traditions of the area in which you live, the family customs and the tastes of each, but there are certain foods that can not be missing at our table, those that always return home for Christmas.

It is not necessarily that you have to make a roast lamb, a baked sea bream or a sea bass with salt, or that the source of prawns or the plate of smoked salmon are essential, but we all know that some of we have these recipes very associated with Christmas and nothing will make ours happier than giving them what they expect for that day.

4. What can we anticipate?

You know that for these occasions, the possibility of cooking and freezing some products will save us time and money. I usually buy a whole salmon and cut it in loins, belly and cuttings, to be able to make my homemade marinated salmon, leave tacos loins and save the belly for sashimi and other Asian cuts. In addition, I get a better price than if I buy it at the cut.

The same goes for beef tenderloin, much cheaper when you buy it whole, and then I can fillet the central area for ironing, roasting the thickest part or chateaubriand and the same could be said of the lambs, which bought by means come out much cheaper than buying only the shoulder blades.

The secret is Buy well, cut and package well under vacuum and then learn to freeze well and especially to defrost inside the fridge so that food is almost the same as when purchased fresh. Remember that some foods can not be frozen, but by removing those exceptions, you can advance a lot of work and save money if you start already with the most laborious elaborations.

5. Prepare broths and funds and freeze

If you have thought - for example - of making a hake in green sauce, a stewed meat or serving a Christmas consommé, it is possible that in the recipe you use you will need to use a fish broth, a broth of intense meat or a Chicken broth or white background.

These You can make broths this month, and after straining and freezing them You will have a lot of work ahead of time when you want to make your recipe with them. It will always be better than running late to the supermarket to buy industrial broths -No matter how homemade your label may be.

6. Go buying the wine

The Wines are also an important part of both the menu and the expense that we will have to undertake in the coming weeks. That is why it is good to think about which wine best accompanies each part of our menu, how many people drink and how many do not and calculate how many bottles should buy. My advice is not to leave this part for the last day, choose the best wines that we can afford and thus avoid serving any wine to our guests.

7. Think of the menu for children and adults

When we get all the family together, we always think about the menu of adults, but it is convenient to think that many of the brothers, cousins ​​and brothers-in-law who will come home they will be accompanied by small children, which logically require a special menu. The same happens with older people They usually prefer simple foods and not very complicated elaborations. Dishes such as croquettes, creams and purees and baked fish are usually good options for them.

8. Beware of allergies and intolerances and other ways of eating

At home we get together to eat and as we have to think about children and adults, we must also consider if any of the dishes we are going to cook they can sit badly or cause problems for any of the guests. Intolerances to lactose, gluten and allergies to crustaceans, some fruits or nuts can be a real problem.

It is best to ask everyone who is coming to let us know if someone suffers from one of those food problems to avoid risks and bad times for everyone. You already know that Almost all recipes can be adapted to be suitable for everyone.

You also have to keep in mind that more and more people do not eat meat or make a vegetarian, flexible or strictly vegan diet So you have to take it into account when planning the menu.

9. Table and house decoration

Choosing the tablecloth, the low plate, the glasses and the cutlery is something that takes us a long time. It is good to calculate how many we are going to be to see if we are missing chairs, plates or any other element necessary for our Christmas menu to be a success.

It is a task in which We can all collaborate and it's fun to think about decorations, auxiliary elements and details so that our table and our house are more beautiful this year.

10. Nougat are already in supermarkets

The variety of nougat flavors is much greater now than in a month when they begin to disappear and we do not find that passion fruit nougat that they talked to us about or there are only stocks of the flavors that we least like at home. Also, remember that in Direct to the Palate we have many recipes to make homemade nougat that can come in handy.

As for prices, in some places the nougat is now at a good price and as soon as December begins, it starts to rise. My advice is to distribute the extra expense that Christmas always involves between November and December, so that the things that can already be bought, it is better to buy them now and the fresh and perishable products that must be bought at the time, we leave them for the month of December.

11. Let's not forget the toasts

He Cava and champagne, not forgetting the cider, They are the usual products with which we provide at Christmas, we wish each other happiness for the coming dates and we make great purposes. Here it is the same as with nougat and it is better to buy the bottles that we calculate that are going to be used to find them at a better price.

With these 11 tips to organize a Christmas without hurry I think you have a lot of time to enjoy family and Christmas meals without stress or stress. Do not forget that the most repeated desire in these holidays is to wish Merry Christmas.

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