Institute Paul Bocuse, the school of culinary excellence. Possibly the biggest cookbook ever published

If we speak in dimensional terms Institut Paul Bocuse, the school of culinary excellence maybe it is the biggest cookbook ever published. Its five kilos of weight and its 27 x 30 cm format corroborate it. Although that is not what matters when it comes to culinary knowledge but about the high quality of its contents. That is what we mean when we say that it is possibly the largest book ever published.

Call to occupy a prominent place in the kitchens of all kinds of restaurants and homes of those kitchens fascinated by gastronomy, The school of culinary excellence It is a monumental work. 250 cooking techniques thoroughly explained, with photos of the step by step so that nothing is left in the air and the reader can follow the explanations without missing anything.

Why a book about the Paul Bocuse Institute?

There are many prestigious schools for those who want to train as professional chefs. The Paul Bocuse Institute welcomes every year more than 600 students from different countries that pursue the same objective: learn the art of french cuisine to be able to play prominent roles in the world of gastronomy.

The savoir-faire of this center, its culinary and teaching techniques deserve wide dissemination so that we can all train in them. The school of culinary excellence is A great book for those who want to improve their knowledge with a quality reference source, for those who want to go a little further in this gastronomy and gradually train in their own kitchens.

"Culinary art is based on patience, mastery of time and the sense of duration, and is attentive to traditions in order to take the best of them and enrich the future." (Paul Bocuse)

The 700 pages that make up this work lead us to discover the secrets of the basic techniques of traditional cooking, like carving a bird, preparing fresh pasta, clarifying a broth or turning some turnedós, and preparing us to successfully face the elaboration of any of the 70 unpublished recipes proposed by the chefs of the Intitut Paul Bocuse.

The school of culinary excellence It is illustrated with more than 1,800 photographs that make unveiling a foie gras or cleaning a round fish an achievable task, because it's impossible to get lost with your step by step. His texts are detailed, clear and very complete, with chapters on the use of products, cooking modes and conservation principles.

The final touch of this complete work is put two chapters dedicated to the pairing of dishes and wines and the arts of the table, in an effort (very grateful, by the way) to combine cooking and service. What is the wine that best accompanies a dish, how to serve it or how to transfer it to a decanter, how to set up a table, what use to make of cutlery ... are some of the aspects that complete this book that leads to becoming a classic of gastronomic literature.

Institut Paul Bocuse, The School of Culinary Excellence
Larousse editorial
ISBN 978-84-16984-22-0
Price € 59.90