Wholemeal macaroni with spicy sauce of dried tomatoes and chia. Recipe

I guess almost everyone always has some pasta in the pantry. I like to vary, but I think striped macaroni - or penne rigate - They are my favorites for family inheritance. Of course, for some time we have moved to the full grain version. The last recipe with them have been these Wholemeal macaroni with spicy tomato and chia sauce, different from the typical but very easy.

In addition to dried pasta I also usually have dried tomatoes and some can of harissa or other hot sauce in the fridge. They are ingredients that bring a lot of flavor to many dishes and I have discovered that combined are excellent to accompany the pasta. The dot of the chia seeds adds texture in a subtle way and by the way we increase the nutrients of the dish a bit.


For 2 persons
  • Whole macaroni or other integral short pasta 180 g
  • Dried tomato 4
  • Chive 1
  • Harissa 10 ml
  • 100 ml white wine
  • Chia seeds 10 g
  • Dried oregano
  • Cured cheese
  • Ground black pepper
  • Salt
  • Extra virgin olive oil

How to make whole-grain macaroni with spicy dried tomato sauce and chia

Difficulty: Medium
  • Total time 50 m
  • Elaboration 10 m
  • 40 m cooking

I use dried tomatoes that must be rehydrated. We can do it with time in cold water, in olive oil or, as in this case, in warm water that we will also use for the sauce. Place the tomatoes - about four if they are small - in a saucepan covered with a glass or some more water; heat without boiling and cook until rehydrated, about 20 minutes.

Meanwhile, cook the pasta following the instructions on the package, leaving the macaroni al dente and storing some of the cooking water. Chop the onion and chop the hydrated tomatoes.

Heat olive oil in a saucepan and poach the onion with a little salt. Add the harissa, stir well and add the tomatoes. Sauté the whole couple of minutes and water with the wine. When the alcohol evaporates, add two or three tablespoons of the tomato water and some of the pasta water. Add the chia seeds and let reduce a few minutes.

At the end add the cooked pasta, stir well so that is impregnated with the sauce and season with freshly ground black pepper and oregano to taste. Serve with a good grated cured cheese at the time.

With what to accompany the whole macaroni

In my house the pasta has always been accompanied with good bread, and it was not going to be less with these wholemeal macaroni with hot sauce. I recommend serving them as a single dish with a light salad next to it, but it can also be part of a more complete menu, for example with some fish.

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