The vice of pirates

Often a drink is related to a character or a movie, but the grog goes further: it is the symbol of pirates, a fundamental part of the famous videogame saga "Monkey Island" and acts as an anti-catarrhal medicine.

The story goes, that the English navy full of young people and immersed in the middle of the Atlantic had as one of their only fun drinking and getting drunk. Due to major hangovers, many battles were lost and alcohol expenditures were considerable. One day the senior officials invented a formula to reduce the two effects, simply by adding boiling water to the rum and lemon mixture. In this way the grog was born. The grog is the ideal drink for those winter afternoons in which migraine, colds and other types of pain stalk us. It is undoubtedly an unregulated medication, very efficient To this day it is little known worldwide, but it has a considerable reputation in France.

Of this drink, it is also important to highlight his role in the best videogame saga that has ever existed, "Monkey Island". Despite all the recipe that was served in the SCUMM bar, it was a product of the irony of Lucas Arts, in which he mixed among others: sulfuric acid, axle grease and red dye nº2. In addition the grog, is missing in the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean", based largely on the video game and the attraction of Disneyworld Orlando, "Pirates of the Caribbean."

No doubt we are faced with a myth of the screens based on real events.

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