365 juices and smoothies

Do you suffer from acne problems? Do you think you cannot drink cocktails with juices because you suffer from diabetes? Does stress or fatigue overwhelm you? Or do you simply prefer to go on a diet?

In 365 juices and smoothies, the nutritionist Natalie Savona, discovers us how to avoid all these problems and many more, as many days as the year has. Why life is too hard and we have to enjoy the most and most surprising, without using a drop of alcohol.

This book is based on the slogan "natural recipes to enjoy health and vitality every day" and this is explained in detail by the author in its 192 pages where we can learn many possibilities of mixtures using natural juices, squeezed, never bottled. Inside we find 365 recipes in which it tells us: ingredients, measures, elaboration and the nutrients provided by the mixture made. It also provides an assessment from 1 to 5 on five specific characteristics: energy, detoxifier, immunity, digestion and skin.

All this in full luxury of color and photographs using close-ups and original perspectives.

By the way, did you know that fruit juices provide immediate energy, but later this energy level can suffer from what is called "downturn"? The solution, reduce them with water or exchange them for vegetable juices.

Buy it and keep looking.

Video: Cooking Book Review: The Big Book of Juices and Smoothies: 365 Natural Blends for Health and Vita. . (December 2019).