For a roast to be tender

Sometimes, after spending a long time doing a barbecue, you realize that the result is not as expected. There are tricks to make the meat come out tender and juicy. This way of doing it has given me a good result, take note, and if on the contrary you have some trick to share, we hope you will tell us.

You must marinate the meat with olive oil, lemon juice and thyme letting it rest for at least an hour. After this time, drain the marinated meat and brown it over a high heat turning it around so that a golden crust forms on the surface. But after not pricking with the fork, you would lose the juices by the small holes.

Remember that to marinate the meat you should not use an aluminum or iron container, since these types of containers would make the meat darken because of the lemon juice. When cutting the meat always use a board, the cut should be made perpendicular because if not, the fillets can be crumbled being also leathery.

Another trick is to wrap the roast (once done) in aluminum foil and let it rest for 10 minutes before cutting it, in this way the inner juices of the meat are distributed evenly and the meat is cut better.

With this system you will get that the roast is tender, you will see how everything will be compliments to the cook.

Video: How to cook a roast to be tender and juicy (December 2019).