At home watching Real Madrid? Eleven quick and easy ideas to peck at the Champions League final

The football matches and much more the finals are events in which we meet with friends to share the emotions. That's why we have prepared these 11 quick and easy ideas to enjoy a soccer match with friends for the weekend pecking, so you can focus on encouraging your team without wasting much time in the kitchen.

All are simple recipes that they do not take more than 20 or 30 minutes of elaboration. Many even prepare in 5 minutes So, get down to work to pleasantly surprise those you invite to see the meeting. Let's give our people a joy.

We start with some onion rings, an easy recipe to discover this crunchy snack, so battered by fast food chains, that many people ended up taking mania. Have you ever prepared them at home?

Our next proposal is also very easy to make and very original. It's about crispy sardine rolls and cream cheese, ideal to take with your fingers, while remaining attentive to the screen so as not to lose detail.

These originals hamburgers in which bread is replaced by mushrooms They are more than appealing to everyone. The portobello mushroom mini-hamburger recipe is guaranteed success. These can be done at rest.

One of the most classic flavors of our traditional cuisine is that of pickles, preserves and dressings. This time my partner Esther has prepared pickled mushrooms, perfect to accompany a wine or a cold beer before the excitement begins.

I really like to use puff pastry at friends meetings for snacks Y finger food, the food that you eat with your fingers. One of the recipes that I liked the most has been that of the marinated puff pastry of my dear Maria José, who teaches us to make them with or without thermomix.

Also with puff pastry, you will find these crispy puff pastry sticks with mustard and Parmesan cheese that we show you on video and what can you do with the children this weekend.

The Murcian toasts of sobrasada and grilled cheese that Liliana has proposed to us are perfect for those days that you don't want to complicate with difficult elaborations and at the same time you want to enjoy a complete snack.

Other quick and easy recipe that we like so much, because it also has the guaranteed success, it is the recipe for salmon chocolates, which very cool are the preferred option in meetings of family and friends.

Others great chocolates to eat with your hands and surprise everyone at our friends meeting are these bonbons of caramelized goat cheese and sesame, which Carmen Tía Alia offers us for the joy of those who try them.

If you want to give a touch of barbecue, you can make this appetizer lid using a grill or a ribbed pan. It is about skewers of melon with salmon, and in them the contrast of textures, temperatures and flavors is fascinating. Try them, pay attention to me.

María José calls this dish pesto de kale, original dip recipe, and this makes us imagine it in that function instead of the traditional one of using pesto in pasta dishes and other Italian recipes. Personally, I find it very funny for pecking, based on spreading small toasts ideal for a healthy snack.

Do not complicate your life in the kitchen on the weekend, but do not give up enjoying our 11 quick and easy ideas to enjoy a soccer match with friends for the weekend pecking We have proposed this week.

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