Arola Madrid

The renowned chef Sergi Arola, (the one with the garlic chips, for those who watch Canal Cocina), offers in his new restaurant Arola Madrid, the traditional Mediterranean cuisine, with sophisticated dishes and avant-garde presentations. Arola Madrid is the new restaurant of the Reina Sofía Museum, a cultural space of striking architectural forms that some have interpreted as the economic version of La Broche.

It is an ultra-minimalist space designed by Jean Nouvel, where the waiters wear David Delfín uniforms, the seats are silver neoprene, the dim lamps are wireless, in addition to some spotlights that arise from the floor and offer live music from the hand of the Dj David Fernandez. At noon it offers eight types of rice, eight combined and eight desserts, at affordable prices, and at night, it changes the atmosphere and the gastronomic proposals with a pica-pica of € 45 per beard, without wine or coffee and in the absence of applying the VAT

Well, our interest in this restaurant has led us to seek information about him and his service and precisely not everything has been flowers and violas, here are some opinions of those who have visited the place.

We cannot judge, since we have not visited it yet, so if you have had the possibility to eat or dine at Arola Madrid, we would like you to tell us about your experience.

Video: Chef Serge Arola Madrid (January 2020).