The richest man in France buys 80% of Goiko Grill, which will be launched to conquer the world

The hamburger chain Goiko Grill He has starred in one of the most exciting races in the world of hospitality. Founded only five years ago by the Venezuelan doctor Andoni Goicoechea, who set up the first store with a loan from his father, the company already had more than 40 stores and a workforce of 600 people, but sought funding to expand throughout Spain and make the leap to Europe.

Finally, as confirmed The Economist, has been the bottom L catterton, the venture capital firm focused on the world's largest consumption, which has been done with 80% of the Spanish hamburger chain in an operation that values ​​the company at 150 million euros.

The CEO and founder of Goiko Grill Andoni Goicoechea.

The fund, created in 2016 after the merger of L Capital with the multinational conglomerate of luxury goods LVMH and the family holding of Bernard Arnault, the main shareholder of the latter and, according to Forbes, the richest man in France has imposed himself on AmRest, owner of La Tagliatella, which according to Five days He had offered a similar figure for the chain.

Andoni Goicoechea will continue to have a 20% stake in the shareholder and keep his position as CEO, as the fund's entry will not produce changes in the directive.

A new Goiko Grill every two weeks

He expansion plan Goiko Grill, which plans to reach Pamplona, ​​Bilbao, San Sebastián, La Coruña and increase its presence in Barcelona in the short term, has been instrumental in obtaining the support of the investment fund, which will allow the company to open its first hamburger restaurant outside Spanish lands in the coming years.

Within its ambitious growth plan, the company expects to close 2018 with a turnover run-rate from more than 65 million euros, an Ebitda of 16 million euros and more than 55 stores, which implies a new opening every two weeks.

All this has been achieved thanks to a extensive hamburger menu, a commitment to marketing in social networks, without discounts, and an unusual human resources policy in the hospitality industry: with a turnover rate of 7%, compared to an average of the sector of 20%.

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