Goat's milk

This is a milk that in the West is consumed very little, only 3% of all the milk consumed is goat. Of course, this is not the case in Asian countries, they consume the same amount of goat's milk as cow's. Nowadays goat's milk in the West is used mainly in the elaboration of several dairy products.

Have you ever tried the goat milk?, we personally do not like it much, we find it much stronger in flavor, although we love cheeses. However, they recommend this milk for people who suffer from a gastric disorder or have ulcers. Apparently goat's milk is much more digestive than cow's milk and our body can break it down better, since the fat globules of goat's milk are smaller than those of cow's. There are studies that show that some people who have respiratory tract conditions, see an improvement when taking it. It can also be tolerated for those who are allergic to lactose and casein, the levels are lower than in cow's milk.

The properties that this milk contains are several, in addition to a large amount of calcium, vitamin A, B2, D, etc. In addition, although it is somewhat more fat than cow's milk, it also has more protein.

It is certainly a very appropriate milk, if you want to try goat's milk, keep in mind that you should not accept milk that does not have a sanitary control.

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