Pinchorriño, Skewer Tasting Days

Every time there are initiatives to boost gastronomy, we are very happy from here. In this case it is about Pinchorriño a day of tasting of skewers that will take place throughout the month of November in the Pontevedra town of O Porriño. On Fridays and Saturdays from 7 pm to 10 pm, 26 establishments in the area will distribute free snacks with drinks, thus trying to establish a gastronomic route.

The tapas will be of a great quality and careful elaboration, we can taste mollusk skewers in seafood sauce, scallops pie, O Porriño bread toast with bacon and cream of grelos and stewed tortilla, among others. Another incentive is that they will raffle two weekends in a rural tourism house, for this, participants will have to prove that at least 4 drinks have been made using an accreditation card that will be published for the occasion.

Good time, if you are in the area, to taste skewers of very high quality.