Tax deductions for healthy products

This is a story that will surely cheer up more than one entrepreneur who produces healthy food products, the Spanish Ministry of Health is studying the possibility of applying tax deductions for products that are classified as healthy and recommended, and on the contrary, aggravate taxes on products that harm health. The attempts made to curb the rising numbers of obesity in Spain are clear evidence of the magnitude of the problem. In the end the same will be done as with tobacco or alcohol, higher taxes for these products by swelling the state coffers and not getting consumption down.

What some suggest is, to impose laws that prohibit certain components or processes that turn food into small caloric pumps, not allowing food from outside to enter that pose a health risk, etc. What do you think? What could be done?

Video: How to Write-off Health Insurance. Mark J Kohler. Tax & Legal Tip (December 2019).