Two copies or alleles of the FTO gene, a crucial factor in obesity

We have already spoken several times about the disturbing situation that seems to be avocado, as is the tendency to obesity in adults and, more worrisome, that of children. Adequate food and not being sedentary should be enough not to be overweight and yet there are people who suffer from it. Well, an article has just been published in the journal Science according to which a study by British scientists reveals that two copies or alleles of the FTO gene, is a crucial factor in obesity. Made by studying the DNA of 37,000 people, it was found that the risk of being more obese or having a tendency to do so is 70% in those people who have two copies of that gene, which is reduced to 30% when you only have A copy of FTO.

Wellcome Trust scientists, the largest medical research body in the United Kingdom and authors of this study, also point out that much remains to be done since they are unaware, as of today, why some people have two copies of the gene and others any. However, and as Mark McCarthy, a professor at the University of Oxford points out, "By identifying this genetic linkage, it should be possible to improve our knowledge of why some people are obese, with all that that means for an increased risk of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases".

I understand, too, that the problem is not resolved but welcome is any progress in what is already considered the pandemic of the 21st century.


Video: The Genetics of Obesity and Weight Loss (December 2019).