Label foods with messages such as "Dangerous food for health"

We have just learned a surprising news that will surely generate some controversy, especially in the food sector. The director of the European Observatory of WHO advocates that specific labeling be carried out on certain foods, on the labels could be incorporated messages such as “food dangerous to health”.

It is about adopting the same policy that has been adopted with the messages of the snuff packs or the messages of alcoholic beverages in the United Kingdom, where they warn of the serious dangers that alcohol entails especially in pregnant women and in future babies. These messages would be incorporated into foods that are considered harmful to health such as certain types of hydrogenated margarines, which because of their high rate of vegetable acids are harmful to health. In our opinion, the most logical thing would be to prohibit its elaboration, if they are so harmful, the most effective remedy would be this.

Anyway, a more specific label such as "this food favors obesity" or "abuse of this food favors cardiovascular risks", would not be bad. Perhaps thus the manufacturers would have more cure of their products so as not to have to incorporate a label of these characteristics, since this could represent a great economic loss and a discredit difficult to overcome later.

A comparison made by the director of the European Observatory of the WHO (World Health Organization), Joseph Figueras, does not seem very accurate. It indicates that the problem of obesity in Spain is not as alarming as that which occurs in the countries of northern Europe, it should clarify, in fact, almost half of the population is overweight or obese and this data is to say that also Spain has a serious problem despite being able to enjoy the Mediterranean Diet, what is the use of having this diet if it is not followed and the population does not have an adequate nutritional education?

The problem of overweight and obesity spreads and increases every year in most European countries, taking the necessary measures is essential as soon as possible, what are they waiting for ...

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