Orange and lime rolls with tang zhong: easy recipe for soft and fluffy rolls

When a family member comes home I always get the Swiss vein when offering breakfast. I like having homemade bread to serve with my jams or some cheese, and these orange and lime rolls with tang zhong they are perfect. With the technique of water roux We get a very spongy and tender dough using a very simple recipe without having to add too many fats.

I really like the aroma left by citrus fruit in this kind of sweet breads, but you can change the juice for more milk if you don't have fresh oranges on hand. The zest can be substituted for lemon, tangerine, or, as variations, for vanilla, cinnamon, orange blossom or cardamom. If you are looking for sweeter muffins you can double the amount of sugar, although this way they are more neutral in case we prefer a salty filling.

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For 12 units
  • Strength flour for tang zhong 50 g
  • Water for the tang zhong 250 g
  • Flour 450 g
  • Milk or vegetable drink 40 g
  • Orange juice or more milk 10 g
  • Orange zest
  • Lime zest
  • Fresh baker's yeast 10 g
  • Sugar 25 g
  • Salt 8 g
  • Butter without salt at room temperature 55 g
  • Egg yolk to brush 1
  • Milk a splash to mix with the yolk

How to make orange and lime rolls with tang zhong

Difficulty: Easy
  • Total time 1 h 10 m
  • Elaboration 50 m
  • 20 m cooking
  • 2 hour rest

We start at least an hour before preparing the tang zhong following the instructions on this link. Remove from the fire and let cool. So that a dry film does not form we can stir occasionally while cooling, or cover with plastic film, touching the surface. It can be left in the fridge overnight or several hours.

For the dough, mix in a large bowl the flour with sugar, crumbled yeast, milk or vegetable drink, juice and zest. Start mixing and add salt. Also pour all the tang zhong and mix very well, beginning to knead. After about 5 minutes, also incorporate the butter at room temperature, chopped.

Knead very quickly without letting the butter be absorbed little by little by the dough. It can be done by machine with a mixer or with a robot with a kneading hook. Continue working the dough until it has a smooth texture, homogeneous, elastic and thin. Cover and let stand 30 minutes. We don't want it to double its size, just to grow a little.

Meanwhile, prepare two trays by covering them with sulfurized paper or a non-stick baking sheet, and beat the egg yolk with a stream of milk in a bowl. Knead a little to deflate the dough and divide into 12 portions, about the same size. They should weigh about 72-74 g each.

Form round rolls and place them on the trays, leaving separation between them. Brush with the beaten yolk, reserving half, and cover with plastic film. Let stand for about 80-90 minutes, almost until they double the size.

Preheat the oven in the meantime to 240ºC. When they have grown, repaint and bake them, lowering the temperature to 200 ° C when the first 5 minutes pass. Bake for a total of about 18-20 minutes (watch just in case when they take 15 minutes), until they are golden brown and hitting the base of one of them sounds hollow. Let cool completely on a rack.

Note. We can bake both trays at the same time if we change them in the middle of cooking, although I prefer to bake them one at a time. The high temperature of the oven allows them to brown very quickly on the outside, but if your oven is very rough you can lower the temperature to 190ºC from the beginning and lengthen the cooking time a little.

With what to accompany the bollitos

What I like about these orange and lime rolls with tang zhong They are very versatile and perfect to fill in what we like, both sweet and savory. They are delicious with butter and marmalade but also with cheese, avocado and tomato, hummus… Stored in an airtight container they hold up well for a couple of days, although as they are many units I usually freeze half. Defrost quickly at room temperature, with the residual heat of the oven or with the proper microwave function. Warmths are also delightful.

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