New system to know in depth the wine that is made

Until recently, the quality of the wine was detected through the senses of the experts, taste or sight were fundamental factors that together with some manual procedures such as the use of the aerometer (device used to measure the density of a wine and that resembles a float), framed the quality of the wine.

Today there are much more advanced and perhaps more reliable methods that produce a complete radiography of the wine, revealing all its aspects and benefits. Through a new spectrophotometric system can be obtained in a few minutes all the features that a drink has, the new system has been developed after two years of work and research of scientists belonging to IFAPA (Agricultural and Fisheries Research and Training Centers), thanks to this it will be known exactly what the density of a wine is, the amount of sugars that Contains or the amount of polyphenols it presents.

The spectrophotometric system is responsible for measuring the absorption of light in different wavelengths, ultraviolet, infrared, etc. The results obtained show in which classification a particular wine should be framed, avoiding having to use manual procedures.

Saving time and obtaining the best results is vital in the competitive wine industry, the elimination of long analytical processes simplifying them with the new system, will be a new method happily welcomed by the wine growing companies.

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