A restaurant where they spy on you

A restaurant it was opened at the Dutch University of Wageningen in the Netherlands as Research center to observe diners.

The "restaurant" is full of cameras and monitors to observe the eating habits of the different people who come to the place.

Apparently the idea of ​​the researchers is to study how the diner responds to certain stimuli, such as light, colors, staff serving the restaurant (whether it is rough or friendly), the flavors, the presentation of the dishes, among others .

The restaurant is self-service and has a control room from where researchers can move the cameras located on the roof in the direction they want to observe people.

University employees who are going to eat in it, must sign that they give their consent to be observed.

The truth is that I suppose the observation will yield some interesting result, but I would not feel comfortable eating if I know they spy on me. In my opinion, knowing that they are observed could somehow affect people's behavior or reaction, don't they think?

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