Ham bruschetta with cheese and strawberry jam with pepper

Today to snack we have made a tasty bruschetta, in addition to being very easy to prepare, it gives us the possibility to combine any ingredient, this time we have enjoyed a Ham bruschetta with cheese and strawberry jam with pepper.

The ingredients The amount will depend on the size of the rustic bread slice and the bruschettas you want to make. So, cooked ham, goat curl cheese (a snack they sell and that is no wonder), strawberry jam with pepper and tomato sauce for bruschetta (we use this one).

The preparation Very simple, if you do not have the prepared tomato bruschetta sauce, prepare a tomato sauce with oregano, basil, garlic, pepper, salt and oil. Lightly toast the slices of rustic bread on a grill and spread them with the tomato sauce, arrange a few slices of cooked ham and cut the goat cheese snack to distribute on it.

Finish dressing with strawberry jam with pepper.

Tasting A delicious snack that could also be included in a dinner, a brunch ... when you feel like it. Take advantage!

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