Light drinks and obesity

Since we care about our health and taking care of our line, with trends in fashion that impose thinness as a rule, the consumption of drinks and light and whole foods, as if that guaranteed us lose weight almost magically. On the other hand, in the western world or called “first world” the overabundance of food together with other factors, such as sedentary life, has enhanced the call "Metabolic syndrome", people in whom obesity or overweight joins, blood hypertension and some glucose intolerance, which can lead to adult diabetes.

People who suffer from this syndrome usually do little physical exercise, one of the pillars to have a healthy life. To this is added a high consumption of refined sugars and fats of animal origin, which predispose to suffer cardiovascular diseases by raising blood levels of total cholesterol or any of its by-products, such as LDL (low density lipoproteins), which predispose to the formation of atheroma plaques in the arteries (arteriosclerosis).

A recent study published by the prestigious magazine "Circulation" directly relates the consumption of light drinks with this metabolic syndrome, although it seems paradoxical. People who, in this study, consumed more than one refreshing drink a day, whether light or not, had a much higher risk of presenting the metabolic syndrome, with the health risks that this entails. Nor does it appear that there is any relationship, neither positive nor negative, between this syndrome and the consumption of whole foods or light, in general.

A Work hypothesis What can explain this paradox is that our body, when ingesting artificially sweetened foods, reacts to the sweet taste as if they were real sugars, secreting insulin. When insulin reaches the blood to transfer the sugar to the cells, it detects that there are low levels, and increases its secretion and stimulates the appetite center, so we tend to eat even more. In short, drinking light drinks encourages us to eat more and eat more energetic foods, which would explain the relationship between metabolic syndrome and the intake of this type of beverage.

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