Toblerone chocolate mousse. Of your palate

Within our section "Of your Palate" in which our readers send us recipes, I leave you with this one that sends us Silvia: Toblerone chocolate mousse

This mousse recipe is from the book "Chocolate" by Julie Andrieu, which I recommend, offers both classic and other novel and original recipes, an extensive variety of chocolate making.

When I read the chapter of mousses, I was surprised, I didn't think there was so much variety, or so many ways to make it, with cream, with butter, with water, etc, total that I decided to start with this one, "toblerone's"It sounded good, but its flavor I have to say that it exceeds it immensely, it is a richness, its unbeatable texture, truly a delight.

The ingredients

200 gr. chocolate with 70% cocoa, 200 gr. Toblerone chocolate, 100 gr. butter, 100 gr. icing sugar, 5 eggs + 1 clear

The preparation

Melt the chocolate together with the toblerone in the water bath and when we see that it is melted we add the diced butter and stir very well to incorporate it into the mixture until obtaining a homogeneous result. Let's get away from the fire.

We separate the whites from the yolks, and lightly beat the yolks to incorporate them energetically into the chocolate mixture.

We mount the six whites in a blender or in the thermomix and just in the middle of the process we add the icing sugar, continue beating until the whites are firm.

We add a part of the whites mounted to the chocolate preparation and mix it delicately, when we see that it is well linked, we incorporate the rest.

Then we will put in the fridge a minimum of 12 hours, but if you can leave it 24 its flavor intensifies much more.

Good appetite!

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