Price war: Does Carrefour replicate Mercadona?

I start at the end: war is served and whenever it is for our benefit that they continue like this. What a war? The price between the large food distribution chains. Our benefit? Yes, discounts on the price of food items. Who has to continue like this? Carrefour, Mercadona, Lidl, Alcampo, etc.

It all started Mercadona A few months ago, when sales prices from supplier to customer were renegotiated with the reference brands. The excuse, lower prices to the final consumer. The consequence, as I said the other day, the systematic elimination of 400 customer brands and 400 of their white brands.

Now he has followed Carrefour, who wants to stay with the clients that Mercadona has decided to abandon. Its proposal is to reduce 25% of the price to 10,000 more consumed products according to regions. That is, each center, each hyper, can lower the price to the 10,000 most consumed items in your area.

Recall that recently, the Ministry of Industry already established that the Carrefour hyper were as a whole the cheaper Where to shop in Spain. With this measure, therefore, one senses that the price war is being served.

Although not only is the price war. In the eyes of consumers, we, it seems that forms are important. Mercadona with its pricing policy and "forcing" people to buy certain products seems to have not been well seen, even in your comments, this attitude is clearly seen, penalizing Mercadona.

Carrefour, on the contrary, demonstrates that she herself can permanently lose 25% to the most consumed items. Without the need to suffocate suppliers, or perhaps using that margin we recently learned that prices multiply on average four times from the source price to the final price.

Anyway, hopefully the war will continue whenever we are the beneficiaries.

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