Salmon recipe with seaweed in soup

I usually prepare this Salmon recipe with seaweed in soup, with the salmon cuts that I have left after marinating, I freeze them if I am not going to use them at that time and so, I can make this rich soup in just 5 minutes, for an impromptu dinner or a light meal.

Algae are a highly recommended food, as they provide us with countless micronutrients beneficial to health, so much so that they are considered medicinal foods. For elaborations such as this one that I present today you can use sweet seaweed, wakamé, moss from Ireland, or any other that admits cooking.

The ingredients

2 leeks, 2 potatoes, 200 gr. of salmon, a dash of extra virgin olive oil (aove), 2 pinches of seaweed, dill and salt.

The preparation

We put in a casserole with water the chopped leek and the potatoes in rather small pieces, to cook with EVOO and salt, when they are cooked we add the seaweed, the salmon and a pinch of dill. Salt rectified, cook 2 minutes and go.

Time of preparation | 10-15 minutes

Difficulty | Easy


This recipe for salmon with seaweed in soup is a very useful dish, because in addition to preparing in a moment, you can get us out of a hurry at an impromptu meal, and on top of it it is very rich because the algae in addition to providing micronutrients give the dish a Spectacular taste of the sea.

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