Robinson's reflections before a cod

Today I want to recommend this story that I reread these days. Is about Robinson's reflections before a cod, an insightful and scathing adventure that tells us Manuel Vázquez Montalbán with its characteristic loquacity.

It is the reflections, thoughts and adventures, of a shipwrecked man who, before seeing himself in such a situation, has been an exquisite palate gourmet. Above, wealthy given his truculent way of "earning a living", somewhat special and rather clumsy, in my opinion.

The fact is that our friend is shipwrecked on a remote island with nothing more than the post, his agenda and a couple of markers. No knives, no matches, no blanket ... nothing. They begin their reflections. It takes stock of its previous acts. Remember who you love. Remember, savor and describe those dishes that you have tasted in your previous situation, before being shipwrecked, and become aware of the fate that has gone by in the past.

Chance puts our Robinson to the test, sending him something, by sea, that will put him in both psychological and tangible testaments, which will measure his worth, his nerves and his mood. In addition to making him relamer. I don't tell you more. I recommend your reading, more now that, who else and who less, visit some beach. I recommend you put yourself in his place. A good exercise in self-criticism.

Robinson's reflections before a cod Manuel Vázquez Montalbán 1995 DL B-36.676-98.