Your mobile launches new food emojis, and these are the best recipes to celebrate your arrival

The Unicode Consortium -Unicode Consortium has just unveiled the definitive list of the new emojis that will arrive on the different digital platforms in autumn of this newly released 2019. In total, 230 new emojis approved by the organization that cover a good variety of themes, among which there was no need, of course, food.

Digital life without emojis would not be the same and that is why we want to celebrate the arrival of new foods to our screens with the best recipes in his honor. Nine are the nine culinary symbols that will gain weight the list of food emojis, which still falls short of me. This year we can finally respond with an eloquent image of an onion or give envy when we prepare waffles without having to resort to written words.

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Garlic wake up passions and also some hate, because its aroma is so potent that, misused, masks other flavors of the dish. But when he isn't there, he misses him, and few things outweigh the simplicity of a good aioli or artisanal all-i-oli. Softer and simpler is the aioli with milk and without eggs, highly recommended for more sensitive stomachs, or the amazing black garlic aioli.

Maybe in the future he has his own emoji, but we can't stop recommending the use of black garlic In our kitchens. The black garlic risotto with crispy Parmesan is a spectacular dish that will convince the less friends of this ingredient, or tasty baked ribs glazed with black garlic honey.

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Returning to "traditional" garlic, aioli potatoes are a classic tapas very easy to prepare at home, just like the crispy garlic bread or the festive garlic bread and three cheeses, great for sharing. Our kitchen is full of traditional dishes in which garlic is a key ingredient, such as garlic chicken, garlic soup with ham and egg or ajoblanco.


Couple almost inseparable from the previous one in countless recipes, onion, in all its variants, it is an essential staple of the world's kitchens. It is surprising that until now he did not have his own emoji, Perhaps, precisely because it is so basic? There are varieties that deserve a separate emoji, but for now we are left with a generic image representing all.

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For honor this vegetable We can prepare a comforting onion soup or its variant of onion cream with beer. Essential are the homemade onion rings, the onion omelette, the beautiful onion or the homemade onion pizza.

It is also worth preparing our own caramelized onion, an amazing pickled onion to complement recipes, onion jam and honey or triumph with onion rings stuffed with cheeseburger. It is clear that the onions are not just the base of the stir fry or that which is added stuffing to hamburgers and salads.


I have to admit that I am surprised that the waffle was not yet on the list of emojis, considering its enormous popularity. Either in the Belgian or more Anglo-Saxon variant, the waffles or waffles they are already present all over the world, and they are a classic of American culture, as 'Stranger Things' showed us.

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It is very easy to make our own homemade waffles, with waffle maker or using a practical oven pan. Y they don't always have to be in sweet version, as evidenced by the original pizza waffle recipe, very easy to cover in our own way with the ingredients that we want.


In Direct to the Palate we are passionate about the falafel, from the most classic recipe to all variants more or less original that we can think of. It seems that we are not the only ones if he has managed to pass the cut and get his own emoji, a decision more than right.

The truth is that quality falafel is not always found when it comes to craving at street level - as happens with so much type food street food- so we we bet on cooking them at home. The basic falafel recipe is very simple and always fancy, although we can dare with other variants.

If we care about calories or laziness makes us lazy, the falafel light is a good alternative. To give more color to the dish we have the beet falafel, and the falafel burger is a sure success, especially if there are children at home.


Another surprise on the list: but how could I not have emoji so far the essential butter? The bad reputation that has dragged a time as a very caloric and unhealthy product may have played against him, but I will always defend the gastronomic-and nutritional-quality of a good quality butter, always with its proper moderation.

There are many recipes that ask for butter among its ingredients; In Spain we almost limit it to sweets and doughs because we cook mostly with olive oil, but may surprise in your salty applications. What if we start making our own homemade butter?

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They cannot be missing in a tribute to milk fat the classic butter cookies, also in express version or in its gluten-free variant; Also delicious are almond and orange pasta, Scottish shortbread, vanilla butter muffins or the fabulous imperial butter of Aviles.

As to salty recipesWe can celebrate the creaminess and flavor of this ingredient by cooking some roasted potatoes with dill butter, sole with lemon donkey sauce, potatoes with paprika butter, black butter stripe or chicken thighs with sherry vinegar.


The most luxurious ingredient on the list precisely now has a somewhat special prominence as Valentine approaches. Always associated with aphrodisiac cuisineThe truth is that oysters are not suitable for all palates, but they seem to have enough value to deserve an own emoji.

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It is assumed that a good oyster does not need anything else to enjoy its purest taste and texture, so it does not make much sense to cook them. But there is an ingredient that does take place in the pantry, and it can also play a lot in our recipes: oyster sauce.

So that no one is left with their dead boat laughing in a closet, We suggest you try dishes such as the corner of beef with oyster sauce, the head of loin in oyster sauce, the Iberian dam in oyster and mushroom sauce, sautéed prawns and broccoli or the prawns in oyster sauce, spectacular.

Juice brick

It is still associated with children's lunches and snacks the little juice brick, although I would say that it has much more weight in American culture. We already know that the juice does not replace a portion of natural fruit and that they can also contain too many sugars, so we better prepare our homemade juices.

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To consume from time to time at any time of the day, there are original recipes to leave the classic orange juice. For example, an apple and grape juice, another green proposal of kale, spinach, carrot and tangerine, spinach, carrot and beet, peach and pear, or bet on a tasty mango, yogurt and orange juice smoothie.

Ice Cube

We had cocktail and soda emojis, but not the humble cube alone. The ice can extol or ruin a drink If they are not used well, they deserve to be treated with the respect they deserve.

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Here you have many ideas for customize and vary ice cubes at home and surprise with the presentation of any drink, starting with the healthy and essential water. We can also cheer up with non-alcoholic cocktail recipes or prepare some classic combined on a special occasion, such as the Holy Trinity of the Bitters, or a tangerine blast with mezcal.


Finally closes the list of new culinary emojis the mate drink. Yerba mate is a typical product of America very popular especially in Argentina, where it is taken throughout the day as infusion. We already know that Pope Francis loves it, and more and more people around the world are adding to its consumption.

The arrival of your particular emoji may further increase the popularity of mate consumption, a stimulant drink that many begin to see as an alternative to coffee or tea, although it is also a bitter infusion.

What do you think of the new additions? What other foods would you like to see on the list of emoji available?

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