Musical Cake Tray, a very intelligent cake tray

When we celebrate a birthday you can not miss the cake, but not everyone has an orchestra on hand to accompany us at the time of sing happy birthday. With this tray it is not necessary, since it is so smart and so willing that at the press of a button, it gives us the famous melody. I have already told you that she is very clever, and you will say that something goes, if she only sings, and that is what they do today until greeting cards ...

Well, the aunt not only does that, she also has some LED light guides that indicate the measure for make exact portions. Take it now And it is also rotating, so that we do not have to stretch our arm too much when choosing our piece of cake.

Is called Musical Cake Tray and it's worth around 40 euros. Of course it is not an essential tool, just a gadget for those who want to epair their guests and for compulsive obsessives who do not admit unequal portions.

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