Valverán ice cider. Asturian sweet contribution

On the occasion of the end of a cider tasting course We had the opportunity to visit Valverán Winery, an impressive place located in Sariego, in the heart of Asturias. The llagar, property of the Masaveu Family is surrounded by a generous ointment of approximately 100,000 apple trees.

There we could witness the impressive spectacle that the apple tree bloom it provides, flooding the entire environment with a peculiar characteristic aroma, and an impressive color palette that highlights the white and red tones of the flowers on a huge green tapestry.

In addition to marveling at the lavish property of the Masaveu, we had the opportunity to get a little closer to the sice idra Valverán has been marketing since this spring.

Inspired by Canadian ice cider making systems, Will see concentrate the resulting must to achieve an intense and balanced extract, which should be refined for about a year in French oak barrels. For each bottle of 37.5 cl. 3 kg of apple are used.

It presents an attractive color Intense gold, almost coppery, clear and bright, with an oily appearance that hints at the natural concentration of the broth.

Good load aromatic with aromas of ripe fruit, mainly apple, floral notes reminiscent of the flower of pomar, fresh nuances of citrus peels and some passion fruit.

In mouth it may lack the roundness and complexity of other ice ciders but that makes it gain in versatility and possibility of pairing with a greater number of situations than can be done by Canadian ice ciders, or, in the same province, the Panizales . In the mouth it is elegant, very good balance between sweetness and acidity, in the mouth it enters in a voluptuous, warm and intense way, with a final acidity that gives it a pleasant sensation of freshness.

Valverán Ice Cider

Wound: Valverán
Zone: Asturias
Apple: Selected from Asturias
Cider: Ice Cider
Price: To be defined, in three different purchases three prices (14, 10 and 8 Euros) I suppose that the final price will be something close to 12 euros.
Score: 8

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