The Wallee, a stand to put the iPad in the kitchen

I never thought that an Apple product could give so much play in the kitchen; the iPad seems to have conquered more than one hobbyist, as it seems a very interesting support when it comes to search and view recipes while cooking. Not long ago I had a conversation about it with a good friend, and we could not find a way to place it in the kitchen without occupying a useful space or being dangerously close to the ingredients and fires.

We imagined on a wall bracket that allowed to have it on hand to manipulate and read the recipes, as well as to take notes on the fly without hindering or ending breaded and fried. And apparently what we thought was already invented.

The Wallee is a wall mount for the iPad created by one of those early adopters They queued in New York to buy one of the first tablets. One of his concerns was precisely to be able to consult Epicurious recipes comfortably while cooking. It consists of two parts: on the wall only a round stand with an x-anchor, nothing fancy, and covering the iPad, a metal case that also acts as a case.