Cooking Dictionary: Ñ and O

I continue with the kitchen dictionary, today by the letters Ñ and O, although I must say that it has been a bit complicated to think of words that you started with these letters

  • Yams. They are tubers of tropical plants from Africa and South America. They can weigh 50 kilos and are not usually seen in these latitudes.
  • Ladies. It is a dry red pepper, small and round. It is used as paprika, to give color and flavor.
  • Okra. It is a vegetable from Asia or East Africa. It is green and has an unmistakable five-pointed star shape in its cross section. It has a slightly viscous texture and is eaten cooked or even serves as a thickener in sauces.
  • Marc. Little explanation is needed, but as I like it so much and it is so versatile for so many dessert and liquor recipes I have added it. It is a brandy that can be obtained from the most different foods: potatoes, grapes, cereals, etc.