Empanadas of goat cheese and sobrasada. Recipe

Recently, a comment on the goat cheese mini puff pastry recipe reminded me of how delicious goat cheese is wrapped in a dumpling dough, so I gave the think button I decided to put the cheese together with a bit of sobrasada to prepare this goat cheese and sobrasada dumplings recipe.

It's about small flavor pumps -and calories- that will delight in any snack or snack worth its salt. The ones I cooked flew off the table thanks to the voracity of my always starving friends, and that more than one burned out anxiously.

Ingredients for 12 dumplings

12 wafers for empanadilla, a goat cheese curler, an egg, some Iberian sobrasada

How to make goat cheese and sobrasada dumplings

As usually happens with dumplings, the thing has no mystery. If perhaps cut the goat cheese into rather thin slices without it crumbling in the attempt, or close the empanadilla when we have passed with the filling, but nothing that can not be overcome.

We start by removing the crust from the goat cheese and cutting it into some 12 slices not too thick. With a little skill you can get some more, but 12 is a good number so that the thickness is adequate.

To assemble the empanadillas, we place a piece of goat cheese in the center of a wafer, we crown it with a bit of sobrasada and we close it forming a great triangle, which is the best way to close a pie with circular filling. Then we place them on a tray with baking paper, paint them with the beaten egg and we bake at 200º for 8 or 9 minutes.

Before serving, we can remove excess fat with a little paper towels, and in this way we allow them to cool slightly before diners pounce on them.

Processing time | 20 minutes
Difficulty | Easy


As I anticipated at the beginning, the goat cheese and sobrasada dumplings They are an irresistible flavor pump. Cheese and sobrasada are wonderful travel companions, and if we wrap them with a wafer, the result is delicious.

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