A restaurant in my living room, new contest of Four.

Although I am not very fond of television competitions, nor of television in general, in fact I only occasionally see the occasional film or police series (which I have a lot of fondness for the police genre I think because of Colombo), the title of a new one caught my attention gastronomic reality contest, which is going to start issuing this next Friday at 9.30 pm in Cuatro, Will be called "A restaurant in my lounge“.

In the contest two couples will face They will have a time limit of two days and a closed budget to transform their house into a restaurant. After this time for organization, menu design, dining arrangements, decision making and purchases, the program will send each of the houses to the guests. Each of them will pay the amount they consider fair for the service they have received and the dinner they have tasted. The couple that gets the most money will be the winner of the final prize of 3,000 euros.

It seems that this format arrives endorsed by a great audience success in the United Kingdom, Sweden, Denmark, Turkey, France and Romania. So I will be attentive to the new contest, at least to the first program, it may give me the opportunity to learn something or at least think or discuss, with those at home, if I would be better or worse organizer, hostess or cook who the contestants