What delicacy do you usually bring every time you travel to the town ?: The question of the week

Several round breads, two goat and sheep cheeses in oil, eight jars of honey, two bags of glazed donuts, eight bags of aniseed donuts, 1 shoe box full of sausages, another full of black pudding and a couple of things more than I don't remember right now. All this I travel in the trunk of my car, from My mother's town to home and that considering that the trip was lightning and we had no opportunity to visit any store.

While driving half scandalized, for the amount of food we were carrying and thinking that if the car stopped us in the middle of nowhere, for several long weeks, we weren't going to pass a starvation, it came to me the question of the week.

What delicacy do you usually bring every time you travel to the town?

As always, we invite everyone to leave their opinion in the answers section, in the question What delicacy do you usually bring each time you travel to the town? and to vote the answer that seems most interesting. Next week, we will see some of the answers received for this question, which has been the most valued, the most fun or the strangest.

Answers from last week What do you refuse to try flatly?

I think this has been one of the questions that has aroused more passions, if not the most. We have received many answers, some perfectly reasonable and others surprising.

Within the reasonable, they appear in the very long list of infinite things but we can separate them into groups, in general they are domestic animals, live animals, reptiles, insects, viscera and casserole, all of national product and exotic product. In the surprising section I would highlight five very common products on our tables such as tomatoes, rabbits, minced meat, cheese and olives.

The vast majority of responses have given one or two products, although some can also be found where the list of things that I would not try almost exceeds that of products that you eat, all of them have seemed very sincere, except for one of those that have The pastoribus was voted brilliant, in which it says what we really should all do. Without offending, I do not believe that he lies, that it is recorded, is that I think he simply has not found the last of his palate.

Nothing, after trying it, I would decide whether to eat it again or not.

The other response that has also been valued by our commentators as interesting has been that of Cristina, who came up with the thought just before breakfast and lost her appetite.

I have a list !!! Snails, oysters, liver, brains, insects (all serving in Asia), dog (that goes for the Chinese)… I don't feel like having breakfast anymore: S

I look forward to reading the answers to this week's question to see what amazing village delicacies usually travel from one end of the country to the other.