Salt of Añana, eleven months in the markets

Eleven months have passed since the season began Añana salt, the season is over and to celebrate Andoni Luis Aduriz filled in the last basket. In the words of Aduriz himself putting some grains of salt or salt flower of this valley on a plate is really, like putting a piece of Alava, of its people.

The production of this type of salt has been recovering in recent years and is already serving more than 1,200 years of handmade production. The collection is carried out thanks to the action of the fresh water that runs through the solid salt, producing in a natural way the creation of salt and salt flower.

In fact, this year the salt production has doubled and the salt flower has quadrupled and has been located in more than 200 national and international points of sale. Seeing the success you are having, you will have to take a little to prove it.