Surreal creations mixing food with objects

Of the artists and designers I admire not only the mastery in the domain of different techniques, but also the ability they have to visualize original ideas and to materialize them in tangible objects. Human creativity seems to have no limits, especially when combining concepts to create new elements. This is the case in this series of surreal creations mixing food with objects.

Although the surrealism refers to a very specific artistic movement of the early twentieth century, today we can apply the term to any artistic work that, Starting from a common object, it enriches it by transforming it. The truth is that food lends itself a lot to play with its shapes, textures and colors to devise new works, and that is what the author, Sarah Illenberger, has done.

The German designer, famous for her work in the press and commercial orders around the world, presents a series of images that capture sculptures halfway between reverie and humor, based on foods of different nature, taking advantage of their characteristics.

Sometimes the author develops the idea from the physical form of the object, like the pear that looks like a light bulb, while other times it plays with the concepts, like the fruit of the pomegranate to which the mechanism of the weapon of the same name is coupled.

Illenberger claims to have worked all the works manually, without any subsequent digital manipulation. The final result is images printed on high quality photographic material, in variable sizes.

Launched in series of 25 or 50 copies, these pieces They are for sale at a price that ranges between 160 and 400 euros, depending on the size of the reproduction. It can be an interesting investment for lovers of conceptual art.