How to make bread. Cook Book

The book that I present today How to make bread It is one of those essential for any panarra (lover of making homemade bread) that boasts. Those who follow my personal project and those who do it on social networks know that the "panarrismo" has invaded me a few months ago. Much of the blame is on this book that I am going to talk about.

Contains recipes of different types of bread to each more surprising and reveals fabulous secrets of the hand of the South African baker Emmanuel Hadjiandreou that you can't let go The images are the work of the English photographer Steve Painter, which also made the photos of the hummingbird Bakery Cookbook. In addition, the Three Wise Men approach, yes, those that now turns out to be Andalusian and who never knew, apparently, no ox or any mule in the portal, because those same ones I am convinced that kindly from Cadiz you they will bring delighted, you just have to wish it hard. If you don't know English, remember to ask for an accelerated course.

For centuries, bread has been part of the habitual diet of the human being and in recent times we have rediscovered the satisfaction of making bread at home and somehow it brings us back to the origins. E. Hadjiandreu, winner of several awards related to bread, presents in this his first book a selection of his favorite recipes, all explained step by step with some impressive photographs. Fran gave me the book last year for Christmas and although it is in English, it is easily understandable and I assure you that all the recipes I have made work perfectly.

The book

The book is divided into five parts: The basicsIn it we have a guide and the tips to start making bread at home starting from scratch. It tells us about the types of flour, the types of yeast, how to make our own sourdough and the basic equipment we will need to make bread. All this explained clearly and with images.

Bread recipes with yeasts or poolish, a chapter in which you will learn to make from the basic Irish soda bread to other more complex breads in its elaboration such as ciabatta, bagels or beer bread. All with step-by-step photographs, including the folds to be made so that the final result is a success.

Gluten-free or gluten-free recipesWe all know that in the times that are running there are more and more people with celiac disease and the disease is increasing. Precisely thinking of these people, the book includes a section with many gluten-free recipes. We will learn to make bread with rice, corn or potato flour. Recipes that both non-celiacs and those who are not will like it.

Breads with dough made, if in the first chapter they teach us how to do it, in this chapter it is time to put it into practice. This ancient method of making bread assures you that it is the most rewarding, at home since we have discovered the sourdough we can not stop making bread and it tastes like bread, bread. You will find amazing recipes such as bread with figs or bread with beets and all of them using a small amount of sourdough.

Cake shopOf course, this part could not be missing in the book. My favorite without a doubt, the step by step of Croissants It is spectacular and again I can say that it goes perfectly since I have tried them. But there is also pain au chocolat, cinnamon rolls Y Stollen among others. A delight for the eyes and that encourages anyone to do it at home. And if making bread produces satisfaction, eat your own Croissants I don't even tell you.

In total there are more than 60 recipes, easy to follow due to their photographs with which you will discover the pleasure of making bread at home.

How to make bread

Emanuel Hadjiandreou / Steve Painter ISBN 978 1 84975 140 7 price 24 euros

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