Chocolate: a controversial ingredient in our dishes

Many of our sweet recipes include chocolate as a protagonist and it is impossible to resist the temptation that generates his presence, that is why we are very interested in knowing how negative chocolate is for health or what is true in studies that show its benefits.

In short, how chocolate has become a controversial ingredient of our dishes and at the same time coveted by its important flavor and the pleasant effect it produces when consumed, today we try to solve all kinds of paradoxes and learn a little more about chocolate in relation to the health of the body.

Chocolate and its varieties

If we want to talk about chocolate and its effect on our body, we must clarify that not all chocolates are the same, but when we talk about a controversial ingredient we mean dark chocolate, with about 70% cocoa.

Well, the rest of the chocolate varieties, they are not an ingredient of maximum purity, but many have added sugars, proteins and fats derived from milk, among other nutrients that result from added to the original chocolate.

He White chocolate for example, it must contain a minimum of 20% cocoa butter, to which a good percentage of sugar, milk and milk fat is added. This type of chocolate, not having a large percentage of cocoa and especially, because it does not include cocoa paste, it has almost no antioxidants, but a lot of sugar and fat.

He milk chocolateAlthough some include more percentages than others, they usually have less than 50% cocoa paste, and the rest is derived from milk and added sugars.

While if we talk about a 70% dark chocolate, this one usually has 60% cocoa paste and 10% cocoa butter, which implies that all the antioxidants that cocoa paste possesses are rescued in this variety.

Dark chocolate: advantages and disadvantages

Once the different varieties of chocolate are known, we can say that when we talk about the controversial ingredient we are referring to dark chocolate, it is the one that concentrates antioxidants and substances beneficial to health on the one hand but on the other, it also offers many calories, some fats and sugars.

So, if we analyze a portion of dark chocolate, we can say that among its advantages the large amount of minerals It offers, such as potassium, phosphorus, magnesium and to a lesser extent, calcium and selenium. Also in small proportions, dark chocolate offers us vitamins of complex B.

We cannot forget that dark chocolate because it has a higher proportion of cocoa paste also offers more antioxidants that the rest of the varieties, among which the polyphenols Good for heart health.

Another advantage of dark chocolate is that it has lower amount of cholesterol that white chocolate or milk chocolate, because it does not add milk fats.

In addition, it is important to note that by consuming chocolate our body releases serotonin, a hormone that relaxes us, improves our mood and It gives a boost to our mood. Reason why, many cannot lose their daily share of chocolate without being disturbed.

So far numerous advantages of dark chocolate, but we must also recognize that this ingredient has its counter and among them we can name its high energy concentration, because it provides about 500 Kcal per 100 grams. And we must also mention that a large amount of these calories are derived from the fats that it has, which although they are partly monounsaturated, the majority are Saturated fats.

For all the above, the dilemma still exists and therefore, the chocolate It is a controversial ingredient of our dishes.

Chocolate, can I consume it daily?

The reality is that after analyzing its advantages and disadvantages one would think that if we put on the scale all its benefits and disadvantages, the former win the battle.

But while chocolate can have many good effects for the body, if we consume it in large quantities it can represent a large amount of calories and fat that in the long term, harm our health if we develop excess weight.

So the big question is, can I consume it daily? And the answer is affirmative, we can enjoy some chocolate every day, but only that, a moderate ration, because otherwise, as with red wine, if we spend in the amount, far from obtaining benefits we can harm the body.

So, the recommended ration every day is of 25 to 30 grams of a dark chocolate with the highest percentage of cocoa possible, in order to obtain more antioxidants and nutrients with less fat and sugar.

Since cocoa itself is a source of fat, we must keep in mind that like all fat, we do not need it in large quantities, but we must not stop including them in our diet. Then, with chocolate we must do the same.

We can include some chocolate Black daily as part of different dishes and thus, enjoy its benefits without going over the amounts.

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