Lolea, finally a bottled sangria that is good

A lot of damage has made the brick sangria to this popular and refreshing drink. It has even made some foreigners include it among the things you should not ask for when you come to Spain. Luckily there are those who do things with love and finally we found in Lolea a bottled sangria that is good.

I discovered it not long ago and I loved the design of its bottle. So much so that, without having tried it, I didn't hesitate to affirm that Lolea was not just any sangria when we published it in our new blog, Lifestyle Trendencias. Now that I've been able to taste it, I've wanted to share its flavor with you too.

Design and appearance

As I said before, its design is captivating, both in its somewhat folkloric version, dressed in the polka dots of a sevillian costume, as in its version more hipster, in a transparent bottle with the screen printed logo.

The bottle itself also has its appeal, with the classic soda cap How good memories it brings us all despite the fact that as a child it was a challenge to open and close it. You could say that the Lolea sangria takes advantage of the slightly nostalgic pull that imbues our society today.

On the other hand, it should also be mentioned that It is offered in two varieties: sangria and clarea. The first is the classic sangria of a lifetime, with its natural orange juice and lemon juice - only using a Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot wine - while the second is prepared with white wine.


Lolea's boys recommend serve your cold sangria, with a good amount of ice and some slices of orange and lemon. They also have other presentation suggestions, such as Valencia style (with a splash of Cointreau), Seville style (with apple and peach) or Lolita's style (serving white sangria with vodka and strawberries).

The sangria presents a dark color with fuchsia sparkles, which is how it should be a sangria: bright and cheerful. The color of the clarea is less attractive, since it looks like white wine without more, but we would not say that it does not feel like drinking it.

Once in the mouth both are very fruity and balanced, sinning the clarea a little bit of dulzona. They are not badly loaded with wine, although they are not fights at all, but are a dangerously easy drink. If we pay attention and serve it in a glass with ice, orange and lemon, it is a real pleasure.

In summary: Lolea is a rich sangria bottled with a lot of style, ideal for taking a picnic or to the beach, or even for a dinner on the terrace if we do not want to take the trouble to prepare a homemade.