Temperate salad with avocado, mushrooms and tuna Isabel [videoreceta]

The Tempered salad with avocado, mushrooms and tuna Isabel It is one of my classic or usual salads. I like salads with temperature contrast because they seem very nice and if I can I also introduce different textures to increase the sensations.

In the case of this salad we have very creamy avocados that we will take cold, the tuna Isabel that will bring freshness and salty touch, and the mushrooms that we are going to take sauteed so as you will see, the mixture that we will perceive from the first bite will be very nice.

Ingredients for 4 people

  • 1 bag of canons, 4 thistle mushrooms, 1 ripe avocado, a handful of nuts, tuna in Isabel vegetable oil, extra virgin olive oil, modena vinegar and salt

How to make a warm salad with avocado, mushrooms and tuna Isabel

As you can see in the video with the necessary steps to prepare this recipe that you have next, the process of making this temperate avocado, mushroom and tuna salad in Isabel's vegetable oil is very simple.

We start preparing all the ingredients and then quickly assemble the salad. First, we cut the mushrooms into medium pieces so that later it is easy to saute them. Open the avocado in half and remove the bone with the knife.

We put the pan on the fire and saute the mushrooms in a spoonful of extra virgin olive oil trying to make them look golden. We prepare the canons by rinsing them and draining them well, placing them at the base of the plate.

Add the avocado cut into slices or wedges and a few nuts, then dressing with a little salt and extra virgin olive oil. Remove and incorporate the mushroom pieces, placing the contents of the can of tuna in vegetable oil Isabel on top of the salad.

We topped the salad making a sketch with Modena vinegar or any reduction that we like, so that it contributes its characteristic acid and sweet flavor that will contrast perfectly with all the ingredients that we have included.

Processing time | 20 minutes Difficulty | Easy


This Tempered salad with avocado, mushrooms and tuna Isabel It is capable of functioning as an entree or even as a single dish, for example at a dinner since the avocado is very satiating and the combination of ingredients covers the basic nutritional needs of a light meal.

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