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The perfect potato omelette will be chosen in Alicante

As it is the favorite dish of the Spaniards, it may seem that it is a simple thing to make a potato omelette in conditions, but those who are dedicated to this cooking and writing in a blog, we know that the potato tortilla posts are what more visitors receive, for something it will be. We all have our personal and undeniable "trick" to get the perfect potato omelette, inherited in most cases - nobody makes the potato omelette as "my ..." - (on the points put that relative / teacher on the subject, mother, grandmother, mother-in-law, aunt, etc.), you know how many thousands of them exist, more or less hot fire, crispy or candied potatoes, with or without onion, than a pinch of salt or baking soda, etc.

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Visit to the Gastronomic Forum of Girona 2009

Our partner Calamar has kept us informed of this important event. As I spent a few days on vacation in Barcelona, ​​I took the opportunity to make a brief but fruitful visit to the Gastronomic Forum of Girona 2009, where I was able to enjoy tastings of products and wines, and interesting explanations of the exhibitors.

Norwegian herring and potato salad. Quick and easy recipe

I love different salads, and when I can I run away from the classic mix of lettuce and tomato. That's why when I tried in Norway the recipe for Norwegian herring and potato salad I thought I had to make it at home too. It has been impossible for me to resist giving it a flip and I wanted to introduce different types of potatoes to add color, add cooked egg and if that were not enough, incorporate a Peruvian sauce of fish olives that I showed you the other day.

How to make cat tongues, recipe to take advantage of egg whites

On many occasions it is not necessary to resort to great innovative desserts or with rare ingredients to surprise our family. Simply by making a classic recipe like this one of cat tongues, you can have a fantastic desktop to accompany your coffee after eating. In addition, like the chocolate and egg white cake I taught you a few days ago, the cat tongues are used to take advantage of those surpluses that are always left at home for egg whites, or if not, you can also buy a boat of pasteurized egg whites to make this kind of formulas especially.

Spaghetti nests with Burgos cheese and minced meat. Recipe

Today we are going to prepare a delicious and simple recipe, based on spaghetti Bolognese but in an appetizer format. You will see how simple it is to make these spaghetti nests with Burgos cheese and minced meat that will make you the perfect hosts at the next meeting of friends. With the help of a mold for muffins we can prepare this recipe in a thousand and one ways, since if you like the result, you can also make a version of the carbonara, a reduced version of the spaghetti with meatballs or the long pasta recipe that more I like you.

Helvetic wine, a wine without serifs

Surely if our dear Winemaker 2.0 I say that I have a wine without serifs, he looks at me with a strange face, because it is not an oenological term, but of the world of typography. The serif refers to the "rabito" of the letters, and precisely the famous typography to which this Helvetic wine is dedicated, does not have them.

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The 17 most representative desserts of Spanish cuisine

Whenever I go on a trip abroad and try other sweets, I think the same, that there is none that exceeds ours and that many of us are totally unknown. That is why today we are going to review the 17 most representative desserts of Spanish gastronomy. They are all who are but not all who are, because I have chosen from each Autonomous Community only a typical sweet, when usually there is usually so much variety in each one that it is difficult to focus.

Casserole roast chicken recipe

This recipe for roasted chicken casserole is nothing more than the application of one of the cooking techniques I have been talking about, the breseado or braised. In this way you get very juicy and tasty elaborations. And the best thing is the ending with the sauce you get. Ingredients for 4 people.

Janatomo Restaurant

A few days ago, I received a visit from my great friend, with whom I always end up eating in a Japanese restaurant. It is inevitable and consubstantial to our nature, I think we would both love to succumb under a river of sushi and tempura. We will never get tired ... This time we chose the Janatomo restaurant and it was a success, since although we had to book late, it was worth knowing this place.

Potato Lasagna Recipe

I like to look for new recipes for the side dishes of my dishes, so I always try that you will try all those that catch my attention and escape a bit of the typical french fries, which especially having children at home, is what you They always ask. So today I opted for a potato lasagna that I found very tasty.

Sweet and sour garnish for white meats: recipe with Thermomix to start preparing the holiday season

I love the combination of sweet-savory flavors, especially with meat, that's why I really liked this sweet and sour side dish recipe for white meats. I am of the opinion that a good accompaniment looks as much as the main course and this thick sauce is one of the best I have prepared. In addition, it seems to me a great option for the next Christmas holidays, with the advantage that we can now prepare this garnish and package it to taste it within a month, with the consequent last-minute labor savings that this means.

Sauteed chicken with carrot and wild rice mixture. Recipe

I really like sauteed foods because they are a great way to prepare a fast, nutritious and healthy meal, and also allow us to play a lot with the ingredients. This recipe of altered chicken with carrot and wild rice mixture is a good example of my basic formula for this type of dishes, which consists of combining a protein with vegetables and some carbohydrate.

Alkimia, the alchemist restaurant

In Barcelona we visit the Alkimia restaurant, (somehow, we all relate alchemy to the philosopher's stone). In the name of this restaurant they changed the q for the k with the intention of metaphorically transmitting a transformation and constant search for perfection. Jordi Vilá is responsible for the cuisine of Alkimia, develops his dishes with technique and simplicity forming innovative and delicious creations.

Porter cake, cake with black beer

Our Vitónica partner Juan Lara has sent us a recipe prepared by her sister Inma with a very good look, it is the Cake "Porter" or cake with black beer, a rich preparation that will seduce the most beer and sweet tooth palates. The taste of the Irish for beer is known, which leads them to use it in many of their culinary preparations.

Forking, the fork's diet for dinner

We have known a new concept to maintain a daily diet that promises to gradually reduce those extra pounds we want to eliminate, this is Forking. In this new concept it is not allowed to eat those foods that we usually take with our hands and it is only allowed to enjoy those in which the use of the fork is indispensable.

Company dining rooms, a gastronomic luxury

In our country, there are very few companies that would provide lunch or food to their workers for free, but if what they are tasted are carefully prepared delicacies, we can say that we do not know a single one, at least we have no record of it . However, in other countries some companies have earned a well-deserved reputation, that of providing true gastronomic delights in their company canteens. Let's give some examples, the Google company, in addition to having several restaurants (at least eleven) and with different specialties, They offer better service than many restaurants, both in service, quality and good work.