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Corias Guilfa 07. The guaje is getting older

Well, after trying a cider, I continue to make homeland with this Corias Guilfa, one of the main actors of the film that is being made in Asturian lands about wine. Guilfa is the Asturian name with which the icy wind is known that usually precedes the snowfall, it is also the name used by the winery Monasterio de Corias to nominate its most characteristic wine, more representative of what is being done on land cangesas, and, like the wind that gives it its name, using native grapes, from the area.

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MasterChef, the cooking contest in which they don't know how to make a gazpacho (but a three star dessert)

We are making the final stretch of a MasterChef edition that is getting long. After the body of the previous program, today we have seen much more cooking, but the ideas are exhausted and, for those who have swallowed several seasons of the contest this seems Groundhog Day. Tomato, the vegetable that changed Spanish cuisine since its arrival after the discovery of America, has been the protagonist of the first test of the night.

Duck breast with strawberry sauce at five peppers. Recipe

As the strawberry season begins and the shops in the neighborhood were full of strawberries and strawberries yesterday I decided to buy a box to try them. And at home they insisted on eating duck breast, cravings of my brother-in-law, I thought of mixing the strawberries with various types of peppers, and making a reduction with all this in a very soft riesling vinegar that I have at home.

China prepares a new food law with greater consumer guarantees

China wants to take a new step in terms of food safety, we have previously been able to know how a new Chinese food label has been created that guarantees products exported by the country, the creation of a new food inspection and administration network that The new association of Chinese food producers created to guarantee the safety and quality of their food is produced in this country or on the occasion of the Olympic Games.

Flaugnarde of San Juan pears and apricots. Dessert recipe

Since I discovered the clafoutis recipe many years ago, thanks to the internet, it is a dessert that is not missing at home as soon as the good weather arrives. As my companion Pam taught us, the classic recipe is prepared with cherries, although I have tried variants with many other fruits. I recently discovered that his name is usually changed in that case, so the recipe I bring today is from a refreshing flaugnarde of San Juan pears and apricots.

Easter threads: Easter recipe with and without Thermomix for a delicious breakfast

I would never have said there were so many typical Easter recipes. In Thermomix magazine I discovered these Easter threads and they seemed like a great way to have breakfast this Sunday. When you prepare them you can aromatize them with anise seeds, I did not put them because my children do not like to find them when chewing, but I think they have to give them a delicious flavor and aroma.

Stackable dishes to order the kitchens

It is inevitable to see any kitchen utensils or in this case these stackable dishes and not immediately think about the cooking disaster I have (many times). Some time ago I bought some things that were used to keep the plates stacked, the point is that I keep the dishes in a drawer instead of a shelf, so every time I open it they move, and in this case I must say that I don't find it Very useful what I have.

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When alcoholic drinks are art

“An intoxicating fusion of art and science”, this is how the creators, scientists David Davidson and Lester Hutt define the web BevShots. In it we can admire how they have managed to transform the microscopic vision of certain habitual drinks into authentic works of pop art. It was in 1992 when Davidson found a new way of photographing through the lens of his microscope, tired of taking images of DNA, cells and chemical elements, decided that it was time to turn his scientific career, he needed to develop Something much more creative.

Tasty, refreshing and fabulous smoothies. Recipe book

When the heat comes, and it seems that it is finally installed, I feel like other types of dishes and different foods, lighter and fresher. That's why I noticed tasty, refreshing and fabulous milkshakes, because in summer my dinner often consists of a good freshly made milkshake with seasonal fruits and vegetables.

The most expensive wine in the world

The privilege of being considered until now the wine for which the highest amount has been paid corresponds to a wine from Burgundy, specifically a Chateau Lafite Rothschild, from 1787 and that had the acronym T.J. (Thomas Jefferson). The wine, auctioned in 1985, reached a price of 120.

Taste Madrid

If a few days ago we talked about the restaurant week in Madrid, today I bring you another interesting initiative, Degusta Madrid, which will allow you to enjoy lunch or dinner, with a welcome glass of champagne, wines and Iberian tasting, for a maximum price of 25 euros. And although the photo is not from a menu, know that from May 28 until June 13, twelve restaurants in the capital among which are Wagaboo, La Cazuela or among others join this activity that aims to bring Restaurants and their prices to all citizens.

Compote of vanilla peaches

Originally from Mexico, vanilla has become a flavoring essence widely used in creams, ice cream, cakes and various culinary preparations. In this case we will use it to make a compote of vanilla peaches, which will sweeten the sweetness of good peaches much more.

Camburian pancakes

If you are willing to forget about calories for a moment. These Camburian pancakes are delicious for breakfast or brunch. Ingredients: 1 cup of flour with leavening, 1 cup of milk, 1 egg, 2 cambures (banana or banana), butter. Preparation: it is placed in a bowl, the egg, the flour, the milk and a stripped cambur until it forms a puree.

Walk through the gastronomy of the CI network

A few days ago, and on a particular level, I had the opportunity to attend a blogger event organized in Barcelona, ​​it was an urban picnic. In this type of meetings each assistant participates with a dish, which he shares with the rest. In this case, besides being a very tasty event, it gave me the opportunity to leave the kitchen, meet and interact with people who, like me, have a passion for gastronomy.

Baked salmon with herbs

It is curious how sometimes we can not share with you the simplest recipes we cook daily for our families, such as baked salmon with herbs. A quick and easy recipe to prepare with which we will eat as kings and take care of our health at the same time. When I put this dish in front of my children a few days ago, it was funny that they both commented "what healthier food to prepare today" with a certain tone of "we don't know if we are going to like it".

Snacking, a danger in child and youth feeding

Several news alerts us to the dangers of excessive intake of triglycerides or cholesterol, not only in adults, but also in children. European Health is really worried, they look for ways of acting that can stop the growing obesity, the health of future generations is susceptible to being precarious and deficient.

Cheese Truffles Recipe

I already told you about the I International Week of Artisan Cheese, as well as some of the dishes that I prepared as a demonstration at the fair stand, such as summer salad with lentils and goat cheese. Now I pass another of the recipes, these cheese truffles with nuts. We prepare them with pine nuts, but they can also be made with finely chopped nuts or almonds, or even pistachios.

CookWithToons, a new application to learn Spanish cuisine

In times of crisis like the ones we are living at the moment, taking a risk with a project is brave and enterprising, and that is what a group of computer programmers in our country have done when they recently presented CookWithToons, a new application of Spanish cuisine for mobile devices.